Certification Requirements

Listed below are the requirements for an NAET practitioner to qualify for the active NAET practitioners list and the NAET website referral list. (The NAET office cannot recognize any practitioner as an active NAET practitioner if he/she does not maintain the NAET requirements.)

  • A signed NAET Student Agreement from the practitioner must be on file at NAET Headquarters.
  • The minimum training to be a NAET practitioner is the Basic and Advanced-1 classes - live classes OR Basic online course through www.naet.com.
  • Pass all required exams.
  • The Advanced-2P class is mandatory if you plan to treat anaphylactic or severely allergic patients.*
  • Pay an annual NARF Membership of $180.00.
  • Inform the NAET Office about any change of address, phone or email address.
  • Active NAET practitioners will be listed in 3 levels as follows:
    • NAR Foundation members have undertaken basic training in NAET. 
    • Associates of NAET are documented to have had proper hands on training in NAET in addition to having undertaken basic training, however have not maintained before/after lab or picture results.
    • Certified practitioners of NAET are proven through presentation of before/after picture or lab. In addition, they have maintained current classes and education through NAET.
    • NAET Instructors are fully trained and competent NAET practitioners who have the authority to provide proper treatment for patients as well as guidance and hands on training for practitioners in terms of NAET protocols and methods.


*Note: “severely allergic patients” stands for a “highly sensitive” patient, who has been prescribed an Epi-Pen by a Physician, but has not necessarily been diagnosed as Anaphylactic. These patients also can have the following symptoms: Vomiting after each meal or experiencing severe abdominal pains, severe headaches, or severe pain in any other parts of the body, asthma, severe eczema, widespread rash, hives, and swelling of the throat, sensation of tightening in the chest, severe brain fog, lapse of memory, upon exposure to an allergen. If you want to manage patients with these above mentioned symptoms, you have to have a good knowledge in that aspect of NAET. Please attend NAET Advanced 2P class before you attempt to accept patients with above mentioned symptoms.

If you are a NAET practitioner whose name is not on the list but have met the above requirement, please contact Roy Nambudripad at 1440 N. Harbor Blvd. Suite 105, Fullerton, CA 92835, or send an email to: questions@naet.com