NAET Testimonials

Acid Reflux

Anne came to me for NAET treatments for Acid Reflux. She told me that her 10-year-old son had died on the soccer field in 1994 of a birth defect in his heart that was unknown to her. She said her mom had died in February 2007. In October 2007, her Acid Reflux started. She started treatments in late 2008. She was allergic to many foods and could not eat very much. She had eliminated so many foods from her diet. She was taking 2 Apo Ranitidine pills per day to help with the Acid Reflux. After treating for her basics, we did a combination treatment for salt and an emotional treatment for Chronic Grief. It was during the emotional treatment for Chronic Grief that she realized all the grief she had held for the past years and that it was time to let it go. Tears were in her eyes as we did the treatment. She no longer takes any pills and she is eating many varieties of food that she had eliminated. She is still completing her treatments. MC NAET Advanced 2 Practitioner

Acupuncture into 21st Century

"Acupuncture using Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques gives me great satisfaction in treating my patients. My patients and I love the results with NAET® brings acupuncture into 21st century." Denis Alvino, OMD., L.Ac. Los Angeles, California

Allergic Patient to Return to Normal Function

"Dr.Devi's techniques represent a profound understanding of the body's reset mechanism which allows the allergic patient to return to normal function. This is an easily tolerated systematic approach which shows excellent results in clinical practice." Dr. Randol J. Christman, L.Ac. Kihei, Maui

Allergies since Childhood

"By using N.A.E.T. treatment, I have been able to help our patients eliminate allergies that have been with them since childhood. Thank you Dr. Devi, for sharing this miraculous technique! " Sandi Ihlen, R.N. Anchorage, Alaska

Allergy to a Friend's

Watch A watch allergy? Really? It wasn't the metal or the battery or anything related to the physical watch that I was reacting to. It had belonged to my dearest lifelong friend. I inherited the watch and was wearing it as a remembrance of someone I miss very much. Having it with me certainly helped the remembering. There were times I could not think of anything else. At first, I thought that grief was running its normal course. But it was more than that. There were many emotions tied up in the energy of this watch that were affecting me somewhat negatively whenever I wore it. My NAET practitioner asked me to remove it when she went to treat me for other allergens saying I was allergic to the watch. She said I had an event to clear and 5 emotions that went with the allergy to the watch. In time, MC treated me using NAET for the emotions connected with the watch as well as for the event of my friend's death, 1 1/2 years before. I now wear it happily and with the fond remembrances I had originally hoped for. Tim Toronto, Ontario

Allergy to Contact Lenses

I love the feeling of not having to wear my glasses but I have always hated the itchiness and dryness I felt when wearing my contact lenses. After my first NAET treatment with MC, I noticed a big improvement with the contact lenses and my eyes. My eyes have been itch-free and moist ever since. I can wear my contacts without problems now. Dr. Rafael Gomez (PhD Economist) Toronto, Ontario


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