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Relief can be as close as an NAET® Practitioner near you. Thousands of medical practitioners have received training to administer NAET. Practitioners are listed in the following three categories:

  • NAET Instructors are fully trained and competent
    NAET practitioners who have the authority to provide proper treatment for patients as well as guidance and hands on training for practitioners in terms of NAET protocols and methods.
  • Certified Practitioners of NAET are proven through presentation of before/after picture or lab. In addition,
    they have maintained current classes and education
    through NAET.
  • Associates of NAET are documented to have had proper hands on training in NAET in addition to having undertaken basic training, however have not maintained before/after lab or picture results.
  • NAR Foundation Members have undertaken basic training in NAET. 


NAET courses are informational and educational only and do not confer licensing or scope of practice. Please make sure that your practitioner is properly qualified to address your specific concerns. 


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