What Practitioners are Saying about the Online Training Courses:

“I recently completed the Basic/Advanced 1 NAET course online.  I highly recommend practitioners take the course. Before taking the course, it is important to read the book “Say Good Bye to Illness.” It provides the background of NAET and amazing success stories of actual patients. The course was nicely broken up into sections that were well organized. I liked the demonstration videos. It was nice having an actual manual that I could print and follow along with the slides. I took my time with the course and made sure I absorbed everything in one section before moving on to the next. The NAET staff was quick to respond when I had questions during the course. There were 10 question quizzes at the end of each section. This was a good checkpoint because I could go back and review the topic questions I got wrong. After taking the course I flew to California to train personally with Dr Nambutripad. This was a crucial step because it allowed me to practice my NST. I understand there are certified NAET instructors all over the world to do the practical training with. Overall the course is worth every penny!”

 --Ruben Rafaelov PharmD., RPh.



“Very methodical presentation, tedious yes, but good.  All techniques clearly presented.  Review and clarification of all procedures and requirements has been very helpful.  And some great ideas regarding items to check for frequently encountered allergic conditions.  Also liked the CMI sections as a good reminder to methodically check these relevant beliefs and emotions as they can make a big difference especially for the practitioner.”

--Anonymous, May 27, 2017



“This advanced 2 C course gave me a vast knowledge about how to diagnose and approach a patient and apply different techniques that can be custom made according to the individual needs.  Each person is unique and the treatment approach also has to be unique as our creator has designed out body very uniquely.  I will Godwilling try to apply this knowledge learnt from this course for the benefit of patients.  I would definitely recommend every NAET practitioner who did the basic online course to take this course early to get knowledge and wisdom to apply in the practice.  The online lecture series in amazing and precise and very clear to understand.  Thanks to Dr. Devi and Dr. Roy.”

--Gulnar Akbar, May 18, 2017



“Dear all, wanted to give you heads-up about our attendance to the course. Personally I love the way Dr. Devi merged different medical systems' techniques and philosophies into one simple, tangible and logical methodology. I am so looking forward, bringing this set of knowledge to my practice, to my patients. Even if I knew about immunology, intolerance, kinesiology, osteopathy / chiropractic, nutrition, TCM or toxicology, Dr. Devi eloquently links all these pieces together and present us with protocol and strong guidelines that shall yield results in near future. Thank you very much Dr. Devi Nambudripad and Dr. Roy as well.”

--Frederico Pinto, ND (on behalf of Francisco Silva, MD)  May 30, 2017



Basic-Adv-1 Refresher Course Evaluation
"I found it to be very thorough, and most informative.  I really liked that I could go at my own pace.  It has been quite a while since I did my basic training so it was really helpful to get all the new modifications and latest information.  Very well done!!"

--Joan, L.Ac. (date started 7/2/17 - date completed 7/8/17)



Basic-Adv-1 Course Evaluation
"I am very satisfied with the course. I enjoyed the quizzes that tested your knowledge at the end of each section. I also appreciated the videos to demonstrate how to administer NAET. I thought the recap in the last two sections of the course were amazing to reinforce everything that was taught throughout the whole time."

--Nervana Gaballa, ND (date started 5/24/17 - date completed 7/24/17)



Basic-Adv-1 Course Evaluation
"I thoroughly enjoyed how passionate and knowledgeable the lecturers/educators clearly were. I am extremely excited to offer NAET as an allergy elimination technique. The lectures included many different aspects of the treatment and I believe this will serve me well as a practitioner. I also enjoyed the video examples after certain techniques were described. Overall, it was an absolutely fantastic course!"

--Alexandria Pastor, Speech Pathologist (date started 8/1/17 - date completed 8/17/17)


Basic-Adv-1 Course Evaluation
"Enjoyed the videos, they solidified what the prior slides were discussing in a straight forward manner.  Review chapters were also very helpful to summarize step-by-step process of NAET.  I also like the fact that it was an online course to go at your own pace (fits with my busy life.) Look forward to practicing!"

--Michelle Hagel, ND (date started 8/1/17 - date completed 8/30/17)


Basic-Adv-1 Course Evaluation
"I liked that The PDF guidebook was included to follow along with the course. I had mine printed and spinal bound so I could easily use it to study from and take notes on."

--Rebecca Hatlestad, RN (date started 5/30/17 - date completed 9/6/17)


Basic-Adv-1 Course Evaluation
"I thought the content was thorough and easy to understand. I learned about NAET 8 years ago when I started getting treated for NAET. My whole family has since been treated as well. I felt like I came into this course with a great deal of knowledge about NAET, which I believed helped me understand the content so easily. The order of sections was great. I like how each section built off the previous sections. I like the videos as it reaffirmed what I learned. I really appreciate the charts, particularly the acupressure points. That will be very helpful!"

--Cara Di Cicco, M.A. (date started July '17 - date completed Sept. '17)


Adv 2C Course Evaluation
"I loved the course and have implemented it."

--Sarah Dible, PT (date completed Sept. '17)


Adv 2P Course Evaluation
"I loved how for each class the instructor goes step by step through the courses. At the beginning I was thinking why she has to repeat each step if it is the same thing but then at the half way of the courses,I understood that this way has help me a lot to memorize the protocol to treat this kind 
of patients."

--Bodombossou Djobo M.M.A (date completed Sept. '17)


Adv 2A Course Evaluation
"I absolutely loved the walk through of how to treat a child with autism and all of the typical combination treatments that may be needed for a child on the spectrum and/or with ADD/ADHD.  This is VERY helpful.  I also liked the different types of brain massage/stimulation that can supplement the NAET treatments!  There was nothing I didn't like about the course.  I thought it was very thorough and I believe I learned a lot."

--Cara Di Cicco, M.A., CCC/SLP (date completed Sept. '17)


Adv 2A Course Evaluation
"I love learning more and more about NAET. The techniques and knowledge behind protocols is extremely interesting. I'm intrigued by the concepts and am eager to take additional NAET courses to further my knowledge on additional topics. Thank you!"

--Alexandria Marie Pastor (date completed Oct. '17)


Adv 2C Course Evaluation
"I am extremely impressed with how many techniques are available through NAET protocol to help improve the quality of life of so many people dealing with such an array of disorders. NAET continues to impress me more and more with every course I take!"

--Alexandria Marie Pastor (date completed Oct. '17)


Adv 2P Course Evaluation
"I find online courses a bit more difficult than in-person or live webinar formats because it is not possible to ask questions during the class. However this course was well organized, and I am grateful for the summary and review at the end. There were a couple of quiz/final exam questions that I found confusing...none of the choices seemed correct to me. But overall I found this course to be very educational and enlightening, and gave me a greater appreciation for the power of NAET. Thank you!"

--Sharon K Sasaki, L.Ac. (date completed Oct. '17)


Basic-Adv-1 Course Evaluation
"I just finished Basic course, it was amazing, the instructors used all tools that could answer any question in your mind (written information, pictures, videos), they even didn't forget the sense of humor when applied some quizzes to relax you. Thank you very much Dr. Devi Nambudripad, Dr. Roy Nambudripad, for that revolutionary steps in medicine and researches."

--Dina Khateeb  MBCHB (date completed Nov. '17)


Adv 2C Course Evaluation
"It's always a pleasure to learn new information from Dr. Devi. Her case studies bring the information to life. I only wish that I had started studying NAET years ago, as I feel that it will take me many years to assimilate all this valuable information into my clinical practice. It has already made significant effects in my life and in my patients. Thank you, Dr. Devi!"

-- Bill Schoenbart, L.Ac. (date completed Nov. '17)


Basic-Adv1 Course Evaluation
"This is a great course. I really like the videos within the course with step-by-step instructions and explanations. The NAET Flow Sheet pdf is very helpful.  A video showing the entirety of a new patient history, exam, and treatment from start to finish would be a great thing to add to the course."

-- Kylee A. Johnson, D.C., L.Ac. (date completed Feb. '18)


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