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The latest article on NAET and anaphylaxis was just released digitally by Global Advances in Health and Medicine
written by Roy Nambudripad, MD.
You can go to the journal's website here, to view the article.


Study: Biomedical Analyses of a Holistic Peanut Allergy Treatment: NAET

Independent researchers show NAET has promise to be effective for anaphylaxis symptoms.

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Study: Treating Autism with NAET

A new research study titled "Improving Communication Skills in Children With Allergy-related Autism Using Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques: A Pilot Study" was recently published in Integrative Medicine — A Clinician's Journal. Funded by The Teitelbaum Family Foundation and involving 60 autistic children, the study shows the efficacy of NAET as a treatment for autism.

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Study: NAET Screening for Food Allergy, Sensitivity and Intolerances Using IgE-Specific Antigen Test and NST- NAET

The efficacy of NST-NAET to screen food sensitivity is evaluated in comparison with one of the well accepted, established, traditional medicine allergy testing known as the IgE-specific antigen test.
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Study: NAET Efficacy

Title Effects of NAET® as Relates to Most Common Allergy-related Subjective Pain Syndrome in a Chiropractic-Acupuncture-NAET® Office.

Objective  To determine the average number of office visits (Allergy elimination treatments) using NAET® that were needed to relieve symptoms suffered by patients.

Method Data gathered and analyzed from office documentation spanning a ten-year period. Data from both male and female subjects of various ages were used. The patients completed symptom survey questionnaires; the most common signs/symptoms recorded in the sample group were used for the purpose of this analysis.

The number of patient visits until symptoms resolved were then tracked and documented.

Results Approximately two-thirds of the sample group experienced resolution of symptoms within the first 15 - 25 visits. See the accompanying figures in the pdf document, below.


Published Case Report on NAET and Eczema

Updated Results of 10-Year Survey of the NAET Clinic Patients