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Addiction to alcohol is an illness characterized by both intolerance and physical dependence. A small amount of alcohol can satisfy the body’s immediate need for sugar, temporarily. This is the reason most people feel a surge of energy or well being soon after they take a few sips of alcohol. But the sense of well being does not last long. Always, the initial few sips will give the brain what it wants, this momentary sense of well being will drive the person to drink more and more, leading to addiction.
People with addiction to alcohol suffer from an allergy to B vitamins, especially, to B12, and Paba, sugar, yeast and alcohol. Basic ten should be treated first before treating for alcohol. Alcohol treatments usually bring forth the trapped emotions from the past . NAET® specialist is well trained to look for emotional associations with alcohol and if found they can be significantly reduced. 
Even after you eliminate the allergy to alcohol, you are advised to enter into and remain with your support group (AA) for long term mental support Please read 
Say Goodbye To Illness (3rd Edition) for more information on addiction to alcohol.


Caffeinated drinks are socially accepted all over the world. But these drinks are very addictive and damaging to the central nervous system for people with allergy. Caffeine affects the cardiac function, and causes heart irregularities. This also causes irritability, nervousness, constipation, twitching of the eye lids, ringing in the ears, joint pains, skin problems like psoriasis, formation of benign tumors and cysts in the ovary, uterus and/or breast. and causes insomnia and sleep disturbances in most people with caffeine sensitivity. The degree of reaction is proportional to the degree of sensitivity or allergy.
People with caffeine sensitivity are usually sensitive to coffee and chocolate. Chocolate, coffee and caffeine addiction can be tested by NTT (Nambudripad’s Testing techniques), and treated very effectively with NAET®. When the allergy is gone, people usually lose the craving for the chocolate or coffee and they quit overusing them.

Chocolate allergy treatments also trigger many past troubled unresolved emotions like betrayal in love affairs, memory of impolite treatments, mental abuse, sexual abuse, rapes. NAET® specialists are well trained to look for emotional associations with caffeine and if found they can be significantly reduced.

Basic ten should be treated before treating for caffeine, coffee, or chocolate. Please read Say Goodbye To Illness (3rd Edition) for more information on addiction to caffeine.


We have to admit that most of us have a “sweet tooth.” And our life style also helps us to nourish our sweet tooth in every possible way.
Sugar, particularly in its refined forms, has long been used in many every day foods in all cultures. Sweetness is addictive in nature; so are foods that contain sugar like chocolate, candies, toffees, puddings, empty calories-deserts, pastries and sweet drinks. Body must have sugar to maintain the supply of energy for its cells and their functions. But sugar does not have to be eaten in the form of refined sucrose. Blood sugar and blood glucose can be obtained through digestion and enzymatic conversion from other sources. Fructose in fruits, lactose in milk are both converted to glucose. The starch in cereals, potatoes, grains, and legumes are long chains of glucose units, which are converted to glucose in the course of the digestive process. 

But when one is allergic to sugar, she/he cannot digest or assimilate sugar from the complex carbohydrates. Refined sugar can skip few steps of digestion and enter the blood fast. This gives momentary Satisfaction to the brain that is looking for some sugar for energy. In return one also feels some elevation in general energy. So he/she tries to eat the same food over and over to attain the same preliminary satisfaction. Thus one gets addicted to sugar and sugar containing foods. 
Sugar and carbohydrate addiction can be tested and treated very effectively with NAET®. When the allergy is gone, people usually lose the craving for sugar and they quit overusing them.
Basic four should be treated before sugar treatment. 
Please read Say Goodbye To Illness (3rd Edition) for more information on addiction to Sugar and carbohydrates.


Addictions to over the counter and prescription drugs affect different people differently. They work on the nervous system. They reduce pain and discomfort. They induce sleep. If used in moderation, they can improve the quality of your life. These drugs also have addictive qualities like alcohol, these are subject to being abused, be it for pain disorders or sleep disorders. Most people who suffer from such disorders are allergic to many things around them. When they begin taking drugs, they can experience momentary well being, which will eventually lead towards overuse only to become addicted very soon. 

Addiction to drugs could be due to allergies. Drugs can be tested by NTT and treated very effectively with NAET®. When the allergy is gone, the drugs can work for you to give you the expected result. Soon over-use of drugs can be avoided. People usually lose the drug dependency after NAET® treatment.
Basic ten should be treated before treating for drug-allergy. 
Please read Say Goodbye To Illness (3rd Edition) for more information on addiction to drugs.


People can also get addicted to recreational drugs. Every year we lose many lives to cocaine, marijuana and such other drugs. Addiction is allergy. When you treat allergy to the drugs they lose the craving for it. After completion of treatment, they will not have the desire to use drugs. If they ever happened to use it, they should not get any unpleasant adverse reactions from the usage. 

Many people react to life saving drugs like antibiotics, aspirin, penicillin, cortisone, blood pressure regulating medication, pain medication, etc. Many drug companies get sued simply for the allergic reactions the consumers suffered. These people can be treated with NAET® to remove the allergy to the drug and they will be able to use the same drug in the future without reactions. Sick patients may not have to go through unpleasant drug reactions and other after-effects of the drugs; frustrated doctors may not have to change drugs desperately many times a week or month on trial and error basis to find the best suitable one; and the drug companies may be able to save millions by not paying or compensating for the law suits.

Basic ten should be treated before one gets treated for any drugs

For more information on testing and treatment read
Say Goodbye to Illness (3rd Edtition)
By Devi S. Nambudripad, M.D. (WI), D.C., L.Ac., Ph.D. (Acu.)