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The first December after I moved into a condo I started having some mild sinus issues AND serious throat issues causing near constant coughing. So much so that I could not even drive safely. Went to MD's and came back with prescriptions but no relief. I missed Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas parties. Year two and three were as bad if not worst. I felt doomed to have this recurring problem winter after winter.

After several experiments I determined there was possibly something in the condo and I might also be allergic to wheat or yeast.

In David Brownstein, M.D.'s newsletter he recommended N.A.E.T. as an excellent solution to allergies and many physical issues. In desperation I looked up N.A.E.T. on the web:

The Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (N.A.E.T.) was developed by Devi Nambudripad M.D, D.C.

Was able to find a practitioner in Austin/San Antonio (appointments available in either city depending on day of week) - Patricia Lew, L.Ac.
The treatment was painless, relaxing, and ever so easy. After the first treatment I was not sure if it would have any effect after all it was too easy. That evening however I felt as if I had been drugged. Patricia told me that I was detoxing and I would be fine by noon the next day (24 hours after the treatment). In fact that's exactly what happened. I continued going for the basic treatments and found that I was feeling more alert.

This winter the allergies NEVER developed. Am now eating pasta and bread WITHOUT any side-effects and am still living in the same condo. Have not had a cold, nor the flu this winter. Feeling 15 years younger. Who would have guessed!

As I understand it, my body was reacting to a number of allergies to food/vitamins/minerals None of them individually caused severe reactions but at a certain point my body could no longer cope and one more allergen and I would then have problems.

N.A.E.T. is painless, affordable, and is a permanent solution to my allergies. I am finished with my basic treatments. I may go back to Patricia for other issues but this is NOT an annual treatment.


For those of you who live in Austin or San Antonio, I recommend Patricia Lew as a caring, attentive and knowledgeable practitioner.

If any of you have any allergy issues wouldn't you want them to disappear for good? If you know people who do please pass this on.

Austin, TX

NAET Practitioner: Patricia Lew, L.Ac.
512 924-4674 or 210-900-2282

Motion Sickness

The end of September 2011, I traveled to south Texas to scuba dive a wreck of The Texas Clipper. The hour and one-half boat ride to the site was uneventful. However before finishing the first dive I knew I was suffering from motion sickness. The force of the sickness caused further complications and ultimately surgery was required. I began NAET treatment in November 2011 and asked if motion sickness could be taken from my body. On December 16, 2011 the treatment was administered in anticipation of a boat trip in February. However, I went on a trip after Christmas, and I was in a very small boat on two to three foot seas, more than enough to make me sick. I had no symptoms of motion sickness. I could look down, bend down and work to get my scuba gear prepared without any problem. It was a very enjoyable trip! No motion sickness!

Shelley M.
San Marcos, Texas

Pain in the Foot and Ankle at 12:30 a.m.

I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your quick diagnosis and help in assisting me to ease my daughter’s pain two weeks ago. Couple of weeks ago, my daughter Nithya went to school, from there she went to the park and played. When she returned, she ate dinner and drank apple julice. In the middle of the night at about 12:30 a.m., she started rolling in the bed restlessly and complained to me that she was experiencing severe pain in her right foot and ankle. She was crying with the pain. There was no visible injury or swelling. I called her Pediatrician. She asked me if she had any fall or injury. She also asked me if there was any bruise or swelling.

Everything was negative. Then she advised me to give her motrin and let her sleep. She asked me to report to her in the morning, if the pain persisted then she would take X-rays of the foot. I gave her motrin and she slept after 1 hour. When she woke up in the morning at 7.00 am, she did not have pain. She went to school. Again, on the same evening after dinner she went to bed. She again started crying and complained of severe pain on foot and ankle joint around 12:30 a.m. Before giving any more motrin, , I called Dr. Nambudripad and explained the situation. She immediately asked me as to all the foods she consumed that day and previous day. I gave the list of items she had consumed. Immediately Dr. Devi said it was due to the chemicals and preservaties in the apple juice. She advised me to give her home-help NAET for the juice. I followed her instruction and balanced her body for the apple juice. I did not give motrin. Within 30 minutes my daughter went to sleep and never complained of any more pain on foot or ankle.

She woke up fresh in the morning 7.00 am. whereas the previous morning when she got up she was drowsy due to taking motrin. She had no pain during the last two weeks. What a relief! NAET worked like a miracle on my daugther. After the allergy clearance period, she resumed drinking the apple juice as before. She did not have any more pain. NAET allergy treatment is straight forward and really amazing! Thanks a million.

Ravi Vellatheri
Father of Nithya Menon-7 years old

I am 44 years old and for a little over 3 years have been suffering from seafood, fish, dairy, spice, perfume, and cigarette smoke allergies. As soon as I came in contact with one of these products, I swelled up and would have to either go to the hospital or take 3 Benadryl to prevent any more swelling. Also, whenever I ate chocolate or drank coffee, I got lumps in my left breast. I had to have a mammogram every year to make sure it was not cancerous. Ever since I had my second daughter, Céline, and got my tubes tied, I suffered from hot flashes, migraines, and my menstrual cycles was never 28 days; it was more like every 17 to 28 days. My family doctor had told me that I was going through pre-menopause. After seeing the extraordinary results of Cheryl’s treatments for my daughter Jessica’s allergies, I made up my mind, and right after receiving the first treatment which balances your brain and your body, I never again had hot flashes, migraines, and my menstrual cycle is now every 35 days. After the 5th treatment, I could eat ice cream as well as any other dairy product. During the 9th treatment, with Cheryl present, I ate a small lobster claw with no allergic reaction and I now eat fish or seafood twice a week with no problem. Cheryl also treated me for chocolate, coffee and caffeine and I no longer have any lumps in my breast. I can eat chocolate and drink coffee with no problems.

I recommend NAET to all persons suffering from allergies. You will be very surprised at the very positive results you will have.

Thank you Cheryl.
Chantal Arseneau
Cheryl Cameron, NAET Practitioner
Choosing Health... Helping Your Body Heal Itself
40 Friar Tuck Avenue
North Tetagouche, NB E2A 4Y7
Phone: 506-546-6018
Fax: 506-546-2272

Although I entered Menopause early, age 45, I did not experience symptoms until I reached age 50. I had the occasional hot flash and night sweat but nothing serious. Starting then, these symptoms increased in severity coupled with difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep. Over one 3 week period I experienced hot flashes on the average of 7 to 8 times per day. I also had difficulty falling asleep, then awakened with night sweats, and could not fall asleep again. Sleep deprivation started to take a toll on my work and family life. I had decided early on not to take Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or use homeopathic remedies since I was on a blood thinner at the time. I discussed my problems with Debra and she treated me for hormone allergy using NAET. I went home that night and slept like a baby, and have ever since. I have not experienced night sweats since (approximately 2 years) nor sleep interruptions. I still have hot flashes only once a month or so but they are of very short duration and do not disrupt my life. Thank you Debra and Dr. Nambudripad, you have saved my life and my sanity. I can now grow old(er) gracefully. Now, I am an only child (adult) and the sole care-giver of an aging parent, my mother. She is still living in her own home and functioning reasonably well even with various health problems (heart, kidney). I have my own home to look after and I work full time. The stress of seeing my mother age as well as having to take on increasing responsibilities for her has been affecting my health, causing major disruptions in my life, and making me quite depressed. Debra is aware of my situation and has suggested emotional NAET treatments on several occasions. Although skeptical that acupuncture or acupressure could help, I did agree to such treatment. I have had two such treatments and although not completely stress free, I find that this NAET therapy has helped me to relax, get some much needed sleep, and find a better mental balance. Thank you Debra and Dr. Nambudripad for providing me with an anchor in my chaotic life.

Beth K.
NAET Pr: Debra Lowe, B.A., D.Ac.
Allergy and Pain Clinic,
Pleasant Park Road, Ottawa
ON KIH 5MB, Canada

I just wanted to write and say thank you. My 2 year old son Max was diagnosed with failure to thrive caused by Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EE). (There is a website with info) We were told that there is little information about this condition and no medicinal cure, just a bunch of drugs to put a band-aid on the problem, including steroids. He could have ended up on a feeding tube as an adult. I heard of NAET through an acquaintance and brought Max to see an acupuncturist Linda Fournier in Leominster, MA. After 12 NAET sessions Max was cured of his food and environmental allergies. A repeat endoscopy showed that Max is 100% cured of his EE. He had zero eosinophils in his digestive system, and has gained 3 pounds. We are so thrilled that I feel like telling the world about this. I am telling everyone I know about NAET, and hopefully it will help someone else’s life as well. So thank you again. You have changed our lives.

111 VERNON ST. #1
NAET Practitioner: Linda Fournier,
Leominster, MA.

No More Palpitations!

I have had an ongoing problem with heart palpitations since my 20’s. It was determined that I had mitral valve prolapse, a usually benign disorder so I did not worry about it and we lived together for years without much incident. For some reason, on occasion my heart would seem to pound very hard, and really fatigue me as if I had run a race, even though this usually happened after I ate a meal. I didn’t think it would kill me but it was very uncomfortable and I always had to lie down or sit quietly during these episodes until they subsided.

When I became pregnant with my second child these attacks became intense and I was sent to another specalist to check out my heart. I was a thirty-five year old but felt more like a weak old ninety year old. Thankfully after the birth of my baby the intensity of the attacks subsided and they returned to the way they had been before. Long story shortened, jump ahead to my 49th year and I find myself having these unbelievable palpitations almost all day long. I did try some accupuncture which relieved my symptoms somewhat but there were still days when it was very bad. I would lay down with my arm stretched out and ask my husband (a paramedic) to feel my pulse.He said they were called PVC’s. Sometimes it would skip and stop every ten seconds. I could not believe how exhausted I was but felt that medication was not the route to go since medications can sometimes make the symptoms worse (at least in my case).

This actually went on for months! Enter Debra Lowe. Long story short, after just one combination treatment using a N.A.E.T. (Dopamine and BBF) treatment, all the years of palpitations were gone... just like that!!! Magic? Feels like a miracle to me. Funny thing is, I never considered myself a person with any allergy except for penicillen and hayfever. This is just one of the many amazing healings that has happened to me while being treated by Debra. I am so grateful that I found this wonderful, compassionate, enthusiastic person who is such a joy to be around. I have enjoyed the teamwork of learning and searching for the answers, and if you too are patient, the reward of good health will be yours to enjoy as well. All the best to you and thanks to Debra and N.A.E.T.!!!!!!

Doreen B.
NAET Pr: Debra Lowe, B.A., D.Ac.
Allergy and Pain Clinic,
Pleasant Park Road, Ottawa,
ON KIH 5MB, Canada

Better Sleep - Less Pain

I can certainly testify to the wonderful benefits and healing qualities of the mangosteen fruit. I began taking 4 ounces of mangosteen juice a day the last week of November 2003. The second night I was taking the mangosteen juice, I slept five hours! Before then, I was only getting three hours a night sleep due to the pain I was in from arthritis, breathing problems from asthma, sinus drainage, and depression I was suffering because of the health problems. I wake up rested and with so much more energy.

I was taking 10 mg of Lortab three times a day and using lidocaine patches on my joints. Around the first of week of December, I noticed my pain level was greatly reduced; I was able to stop using the Lidocaine patches completely. I have only taken a couple of 5 mg of Lortab since then. I had been using a walker and needed help getting up from a sitting position. I can now get up by myself! The only time I use my walker now is when I am around a lot of people, and that is only as a safety precaution to prevent being bumped into and loosing my balance.

My asthma and sinus problems are greatly improved! The last thing I did before going to bed at night was a breathing treatment. I had been waking around 2 am feeling like I was drowning and choking. I would have to use the Jet Neb Machine and do another breathing treatment. Often I had to have help because I was choking so badly, I could not do anything for myself. My days started with another breathing treatment. Also, I frequently used my pocket inhaler throughout the day.

My blood pressure is now about 125/75 instead of 180/90 like it has been for the past 30 years, even on medications. Occasionally, the doctors had managed to get my blood pressure down to 155/85 but those readings were not often. My depression is much better. I no longer cry as often or as easily. My complexion is so soft and smooth and much younger looking! All my friends have noticed how much better I look and have commented on the improvement. After barely three months on mangosteen juice, a close friend, who had not seen me since I began taking it, saw me and said, “Wow, you look ten years younger girl! What in the world are you doing?” I have lost 35 pounds since the first of December! I feel like a new person! Thank you, mangosteen juice! You have given me my life back!

- Nina Harrison

Chemical Sensitivities

Here’s my story. At age 52 my teaching career ended in a Texas high school that was found by the Texas Department of Health to be contaminated by mold and other environmental toxins. That was in 1992, and I had never been “allergic” before to anything that I knew of. Except for a back injury I was a healthy, energetic person. It took only 18 months for that school to destroy my life. When I left, 1/3 of my students were also “symptomatic”. My diagnosis was Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Later, after moving to New York and seeing five EXPERTS in environmental medicine in NY, PA, and MA, I also had diagnoses of Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Toxic Encephalopathy, and Arthritis.

My life from 1992 forward became HELL. Following protocols of avoidance, desensitization, detoxification, nutrient therapy and other modalities, I did gradually improve. However, I had suffered anaphylaxis at least five times before I found Robert Hackman in Ithaca, NY. Each time I recovered, I was in bed for MONTHS. Yes, MONTHS! Honestly, I THOUGHT I had “tried everything.” Although I always thought God would give me a miracle for healing, I had just about given up. I was virtually a prisoner in my home. I went out only when I absolutely had to, and I paid the price by being even sicker when I came home.

By the time I found Robert, I had also read every book I could find. Dr. Sherry Rogers and her books were a tremendous help, but no matter what I did or didn’t do, I could not attain the level of wellness she speaks of in her books. I must have had every test known to “regular” MDs and Environmental MDs. I bought a sauna. I really TRIED to GET WELL, and every time I had a few “good days”, my heart leaped with hope, THINKING that I was “getting well.” The bad days came back every time. Honestly, until NAET, I had MOSTLY bad days! I was also in bed or on the couch about 18 to 20 hours out of 24.

I had actually heard of NAET about six years prior to trying NAET, but the way it was described to me didn’t make “sense”. I had tried acupuncture and acupressure so I didn’t ask more questions. Years later, my dear friend, Dora Martinez, who had become ill in Texas too and who had gone to Dr. William Rea and the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, told me about hearing of NAET. She had read the book and thought it might help us. I was hesitant to buy “one more book”, but I did because I have always tried to keep an open mind. However, at that point in my life, I was resigned to “managing” my illness and having “some good days and some bad days”. So many people, including doctors, had told me I might never be completely well again.

I bought the book. I actually UNDERSTOOD the principle involved, but I was skeptical, so I emailed Robert and two other people. One therapist was too far for me to travel and the other person never responded. Robert did respond, and he complied with my request to speak to one of his clients who might be “as sick”. After hearing one of his clients say, “I have my life back now,” I decided to try it. Since sometime between the fall of 1990 and the spring of 1992, I had not been able to walk without pain. The morning of January 14, 2005 I got out of bed in pain and held onto the walls as I made my way to the bathroom and later the kitchen. That was the day I first met Robert Hackman.

After testing me, Robert treated me for egg allergy. After treatment I became so tired I felt I might have to stop along the road to sleep in my car, but I made it to my couch and slept for several hours until the telephone rang. I went to bed early and slept well. On the morning of January 15, after brushing my teeth, I started down the hall to the kitchen. Midway down I stopped. Something was different. Oh, my God! I realized I was not holding onto the walls! I was also walking normally, heel to toe, not stiff legged as before, and I had NO PAIN. I walked the rest of the way to the kitchen with my mouth open in astonishment.

After the third NAET treatment I stood in my kitchen and cried and prayed aloud, thanking God for sending me the miracle I always knew He would send me. Because of financial problems I had to skip four months of treatment, but by now I have had about eight months of NAET treatment, one or two a week as I could afford, and I’m happy to say that I believe I am going to be COMPLETELY WELL. I also believe that day is not far off. Now, I have MORE GOOD DAYS than BAD DAYS!!!!

I no longer use oxygen. My asthma has disappeared. I am virtually pain free but when I have pain, I can usually identify what the allergen is. I eat well. All cravings have gone. The mystery of my weight gain was revealed I have a wonderful MD, Dr. Barbara Harvey, of Athens, PA., and her tests confirmed NAET tests showing that I was actually allergic to all the essential fatty acids. Doctor Harvey told me that I would NOT be able to lose the weight until I could use Conjugated Linoleic Acid because her tests indicated that I was among only 3 percent of the population that actually needs that particular fatty acid. NAET tests revealed I was allergic to ALL fats and oils, but in just the past few months, after clearing all those, I have lost 26 pounds WITHOUT DIETING OR EXERCISING. My body is beginning to use and metabolize food “normally” again!

By the way, Doctor Harvey is now sending her “difficult” cases to Robert Hackman of Ithaca, New York. Robert says I am the “grandmother” of about twenty of his new patients. Four of my neighbors have tried NAET and found it to be a “miracle”. I have a brother who is feeling better now because of a few NAET treatments with Doctor Teresa Jenkins of South Carolina, and I have one former neighbor who is seeing someone in North Carolina. She no longer has migraines. One of my Texas friends thinks he may not have diabetes any longer after ONE NAET treatment! His blood sugar is between 80-90 now. The stories go on and on, because I tell everyone I know about the miracle of healing that is available through NAET. My husband was cleared of milk and dust allergies. He only had two allergies but didn’t know it. I was the one who dragged him in to see Robert.

One of Doctor’s Harvey’s tests revealed that I am a “non excreter” and that I had the “worst possible profile”. I discussed that problem with Robert. Robert used NAET to determine that there were THREE HERBS that could be used to help me eliminate the toxins. Robert made a tea, which I drank for two weeks. My face, scalp, arms and back broke out with a toxic release that looked like teen age acne. When I take Doctor Harvey’s test again, I expect I’ll see dramatically different results.

I AM GOING TO BE WELL AGAIN, and I am going to be able to use the rest of my life productively to help others. I’m sixty six years old now. I have not “had a life” since age fifty two. Not only do I have my life back, but I have so much JOY in my heart. Thank you again, all of you who have helped to heal me, but thanks especially to NAET, To Dr. Devi and to Robert Hackman. I thank my good God who made all of you and who revealed NAET to Dr. Devi and through her to the world.


Dog Quarter & NAET

I wanted to write to detail all the changes in my dog Quarter since the two NAET treatments. First off all, I adopted my Pekingese dog from an animal shelter late September. Although she had the energy of a little puppy when we first met, she was an older dog at 10 years. Her personality more than made up for her sub par physical condition. Her fur was thin along the top of her back, her eyes displayed early signs of glaucoma, her teeth were in bad condition and she was underweight at ten pounds.

I had an examination and dental work done on her within days of adoption. They removed some bad teeth and cleaned the rest. The veterinarian also performed a blood test. She had found that Quarter displayed an abnormally high reading in her liver enzymes at 263. This test was performed on October 4th. Normal range for a dog is between 10 and 100. The veterinarian prescribed Marin for liver. I had reported the examination results to your assistant Nancy and especially emphasized the high liver enzyme readings and the glaucoma. You had recommended a NAET treatment for arsenic. The NAET treatment for arsenic was done sometime in November. She was very withdrawn that day and did not want anyone to touch her. Initially, my parents who were caretaking my dog while I was away thought that she missed me, but we think that this was a reaction to the treatment. Within days after the treatment, I noticed her eyes were discharging less material than usual. A fellow dog owner had previously remarked that discharge is normal for small dogs with large pupils. I had her blood tested on January 2nd and this time the liver enzyme reading was at 170. The veterinarian remarked that although this was a dramatic drop, it was still elevated and advised me to keep administering the medication. At this point, I had not given her much of her medication. I also had a NAET treatment for iron done for Quarter on February 4th. She did not display any unusual behavior that day other than a minor vomiting incident. On April 13th, I had a routine dental cleaning done for Quarter as well as a blood test. This time the liver enzyme reading was at 107. The veterinarian advised keeping my dog on the medication and to do a follow-up blood work within three months I told her that I would not administer the medication as it did not seem to be the cause of the improvement, but will reconsider if her next blood work showed a higher reading. Quarter is looking healthier, her eyes are clearer and her fur is full and shiny. I definitely believe that the treatment for arsenic reversed her elevated liver reading and it is great not to have to place my pet on medication. I anticipate that the next reading will indicate a normal liver.

Thanks Dr. Chernoff!
Vence Singson
1820 Newland Ct
Lakewood, CO 80214

What can I say but a huge Thank You to Debra and to Claudette as well. You helped me so much, in the healing of my eyes, and educated me in discovering what was hurting my body. As you know, I had come to you by a recommendation from a true believer in the NAET practice that you had done on her for her many allergies. I was at a loss with having blurry eye vision caused by dry eyes from having laser eye surgery. It had been 9 months with this problem and I was getting very discouraged. I couldn’t read any longer, couldn’t do any hand work and even had to use a hand held magnifying glass along with reading glasses to do my computer work at the office. I was so very upset and was at my wit’s end. It was suggested at work by colleagues, to visit you and see if you could help. After speaking with you about my eyes and finding out that I had been on anti-depressants for 7 years, you thought that my eyes may not be healing properly because my liver may be clouded or “sick” from the medication. After doing some tests on me you found I had an allergy to Serotonin and Dopamine, and this may have been the reason I had to take anti-depressants in the first place, as I wasn’t producing them on my own. You treated this allergy then suggested I see Dr. Viau, your colleague, for a full acupuncture treatment followed by a “Liver de-tox”. The acupuncture treatment concentrated on the eyes and liver. After three days, my sight began to clear and I just couldn’t believe it. I had to go see my Optometrist to show him the difference. He said the eyes went to being 20/20 from being where he couldn’t even get a glasses prescription because the eyes were so blurry and inconsistent in the sight. He was truly amazed by the change and asked for your business cards, which speaks volumes. This proved to be what was wrong with the healing of my eyes. However things deteriorated again after about 3 weeks and I decided I HAD to get off the anti-depressants. First, I went to have a correction done on my one eye since it had deteriorated to where it was before surgery, and then I began working with my family doctor for 5 months to get off the medication. Now that my body is clear of the medication, I have been able to see 20/20 once again, which is amazing since I had blurry vision for close to two years. This is like a new beginning for me with my vision and I have only you Debra and Claudette as well as NAET to thank for. I would never have known there was a correlation between the eyes and the liver if I hadn’t met you both and have you both treat me. I am so thankful to you; I can’t begin to tell you. I have, and will, recommend you both to many friends and colleagues. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Barbara B.
NAET Pr: Debra Lowe, B.A., D.Ac.
Allergy and Pain Clinic,
Pleasant Park Road, Ottawa,
ON KIH 5MB, Canada

My asthma Is No more!!

Had I not been so desperate, I never would have tried anything as far fetched sounding as NAET® and I would either be dead or still on 4 prophylactic asthma-allergy medications. Even with that I was unable to go anywhere without rescue inhalers & epinephrine (which I used many times a day), and was constantly sick. My first two hospitalizations for pneumonia were when I was under 1 year of age & was in an iron lung. Through out my childhood I was plagued with asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia. But it was not until I reached my mid forties that the worst trouble started: immediate closing of my throat with even minimal contact with molds, perfumes, (certain soaps, shampoos, etc.) or tobacco. I couldn’t consider going to the theater or on public transportation. If air travel was needed, I had to take a gas mask. Constant infections, steroids, etc. took their toll. After NAET® treatments, I can tolerate what would have been life-threatening situations, am off of all of my asthma and allergy medications, am no longer sick all the time, and have a much fuller life. My pulmonologist was shocked at the results. He had done breathing tests before treatments and after. He said my lifelong asthma is completely gone and he has never seen anything like this before. I am now finishing the last of my treatments and am extremely grateful. I am shocked that NAET® is not more well-known and accepted. NAET® is a miracle.

Judy Robbins-Rosenberger
15 Oakley Road
White Plains, NY 10606

My Disabling Pain Was from Allergies!

After I turned 21, I broke my leg in a motorcycle accident, and even though it was tough not walking for 6 weeks, what was about to happen 6 months later was even tougher. I was only 21 years old and soon after I had pains in my hand, which soon spread to my whole body. I could barely hold a grip on anything and my feet hurt when I walked even a short distance. I was suffering from arthritis and inflammation, although just months ago I was perfectly healthy. I didn’t know what to do, so I went to many different doctors in California and even to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The best doctors in the world had no complete diagnosis, and all I knew was that I could barely walk and every joint in my body hurt beyond comprehension. I felt as though my life was taken from me because I had to quit my job and attend on-line classes because it hurt so much to walk and I had no energy to barely get up anymore. As faith led me to acupuncture and I met Joyce Remo Alo, who does acupuncture as well as NAET® . I started with the acupuncture and NAET® treatments and felt some relief as I passed the basic ten. I had many food allergies and things that I was allergic to that I had no idea about. I was lactose intolerant which I knew but I’m now able to drink milk with no problems. I was having problems eating chicken and eggs as well as many others which I now eat with no reaction. Also as I began clearing my body of the numerous allergies, my symptoms improved. I’m now able to work at my job, attend school full time, and ride motorcycles, which is my real passion. Its nice not having pain, stiffness and fatigue all the time. Without Dr. Nambudripad’s books and training given to Joyce Remo alo I would be unable to do any of the things that I’m doing today.

Nick F.
Riverside, CA.
NAET® Practitioner: Joyce Remo Alo, L.Ac.
In Touch Acupuncture & Herbs, Inc.
720 S. Ramona Ave., #104
Corona, CA 92879
(951) 371-8889

NAET Cured My RP & Ulcerative Colitis!

Since I was a small child I suffered from recurring canker sores. At 34, I was diagnosed with ulcerative Colitis, which caused severe stomach pain and diarrhea. Approximately 6 days after being diagnosed with Colitis, I developed symptoms that were later diagnosed to be Relapsing Polychondritis or RP. RP is an autoimmune disorder that destroys the cartilage of the body. I sought medical attention for both RP and Ulcerative Colitis with both doctors prescribing high doses of drugs to attack the symptoms. Both my Rheumatologist and Gastroenterologist could not tell me why I developed these diseases or seek to cure the problem causing them. Both doctors indicated that I would be on drugs for the rest of my life.

My wife and I refused to accept that I developed these diseases by chance and actively looked for our own cure. My wife put me on a natural diet to remove all hormones and pesticides and eventually took my diet down to that of rice and beans to establish if food was the culprit. Through monitoring my diet and symptoms, my wife determined that consumption of dairy products appeared to increase the severity of symptoms, both RP and Ulcerative Colitis. At this time a friend told me about NAET® and Dr. Alo who studied under Dr. Devi. Through NAET® , Dr. Alo determined I was allergic to various foods such as dairy products, shell fish, some vegetables and food additives which I was eventually desensitized through NAET® . I no longer get canker sores and can eat anything I want. At my last Colonoscopy the doctors determined I no longer have any signs of Ulcerative Colitis. My medical doctors refuse to accept that food caused my problems however, they are amazed at my turnaround and are actively reducing my drugs with an eventual goal of stopping all medications. My Rheumatologist has given me a clean bill of health and I can only attribute my current status to that of NAET® . I thank God for NAET® . I recommend, that anyone suffering from an ailment, investigate NAET®.

John E. Meadows
NAET Practitioner: Joyce Remo Alo, L.Ac.
Mission Viejo, CA

NAET® and My practicioner Saved My Life

My name is Richard Dorian Heyner and I live in Florida. My NAET® practitioner’s name is Kimberly Marin of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I have wanted to do this for a long time- approximately 4 yrs since NAET® treatments and my NAET® practitioner saved my life, but due to the sensitive nature of my previous relationship and work I did not. Now is the right time though and I would like to tell my story for you Devi and help as many others as I can. I am a Psychic Medium and after my NAET® treatments the abilities of this gift were basically turned on to maximum intuitiveness and awareness so much so that I literally feel the energetic presence of the deceased persons energy when I start readings. Prior to NAET® I would say I was MILDLY aware of my intuitiveness, but knew I was extremely aware everything around me, so much so I was obviously not aware of ME physically. As Kim’s records of my visit will show I was a mess when I went for my first treatment! Each meal I ate no matter what it was gave me terrible reactions and on top of that the entire time until near the end of my treatments I was severely allergic to cotton. As I laid in bed at night on cotton bedding my heart would race to 130 bpm doing nothing and I would sweat and by the time I fell asleep it was almost time to get up. NO doctor, not even the Interventional Neuroradiologist doctor I happened to live with at the time could figure it out but to his credit he did say it was probably an allergy. After he told me it was probably an allergy I began searching for a remedy and found NAET® and Kimberly Marin who’s office was only 5 minutes from my home at the time. I knew intuitively that conventional allergy treatment would obviously not work.

This mail can only convey a part of my deep gratitude and love to you for being aware of your gift to this universe Devi and for performing the actions to give it to me, YOUR ACTIONS, KIMS ACTIONS and my WILLINGNESS TO HEAL MYSELF SAVED MY LIFE ......LOVE AND LIGHT TO YOU DEVI NAMBUDRIPAD THANK YOU!

Richard Dorian Heyner
NAET Practitioner: Kimberly Marin
Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have had a throbbing pain in my neck continually for at least a month and have had this pain on and off for years now. The pain was radiating straight across. I had a difficult time turning my neck and the massage therapist recommended that I see Dr.Chernoff. The neuromuscular sensitivity testing revealed outer ear involvement and heart valve weakness. An allergy to trees was the cause of the pain. During the treatment I felt like something was moving through my feet. Ever since the treatment, I have not had any pain or difficulty with my neck. Who could ever imagine that trees would be the cause!

NAET is Truly Amazing!

Margie D.
New Mexico

NAET Eliminated a 1.25" Cyst in my Neck

I awoke one morning after a family vacation last summer to find a lump about the size of a super ball right at the top of the neck. I didn't worry a whole lot about it until I went to my doctor and he couldn't tell me what it was. I was sent to an ear, nose and throat specialist. There I was ordered to have an MRI. All of this took a month to get processed. As a father of two young boys, I was a little concerned as this was going on. Eventually my doctor diagnosed the lump as a cyst and told me it would be necessary to surgically remove it. I ask if it was possible for the cyst to go away on its own, or by any other treatment. He said that wasn't possible it wouldn't go away. He would have to remove it and a small piece of bone behind it.

I had known Dr. Devi for several years. I had never had a problem with allergies and didn't consider the possibility of NAET being a solution. Dr. Devi heard about my cyst and called me to let me know she thought NAET could help. She believed the cyst occurred because of an energy drink I had been drinking while on vacation. I decided to pursue the NAET treatment; certainly a better alternative than surgery. I alternated between Dr. Erkfritz in Thousand Oaks, CA, and the Pain Clinic in Buena Park. I was treated for the basics, the energy drink I was drinking, and the fear I had developed about my health. After about 2 weeks of treatment the cyst started to seem smaller. I continued the treatment and a month later the cyst had disappeared entirely. I'm grateful that I've learned first hand how effective the NAET treatment can be. I've long admired not only the work Dr. Devi has done to help people, but her tireless and selfless approach to her work. Thank you Dr. Devi, Mala, Mohan, and Dr. Ekfritz for opening my eyes to this non-invasive approach to improving many health concerns.

Tim Baker
NAET® Patient

This Book Changed My Life!

Two years ago I bought a book from this store ( by my doctor's suggestion that literally changed my life!

The book was titled,"Say Goodbye to Illness," by Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad and I am so happy to report that the title represented the absolute meaning of the title.

I wanted to write a special note of thanks to for making it available at this bookstore. I also wanted to write a book review. I was waiting to take care of most of my health problems before I did that. I wanted to give my NAET® results to the fellow readers, so that my report might help many other helpless patients to find solutions for their life-long or endless miseries. It is unfortunate that most people for some reason do not share good information and innocent victims have no means to find out about effective treatments like NAET®, because NAET® is not a main-stream treatment yet.

Before I wrote my review I decided to read all other book reviews from other customers. I thought if someone had written about similar experiences like mine, I shouldn't have to repeat them and I could write about my unique health problems only to keep the letter short. I suffered from numerous health problems before I received NAET® treatments, so I could share many NAET® results with the readers.

I mentioned that some people do not like to share useful information with others for fear that others might get benefit from their knowledge. As I browsed down other readers' reviews, I was so horrified to read negative and harmful comments about this life-saving book from some callous, thoughtless, mean, selfish, readers and other ungrateful NAET® beneficiaries. One of them says"This book is for lay persons and contains only testimonials or full of basic introductory information for laymen and nothing about the treatment method, so don't read it."

Who said it is for professionals anyway? It is meant for laymen. Dr. Devi has clearly stated in her book that her intention for writing this book is to inform the readers and other allergy sufferers about the existence of such a treatment to eliminate allergies.

Another one admits that she is already getting treated by an NAET® practitioner and she likes the treatment and treatments are helping her; but she advises the readers not to buy the book because the book doesn't teach you to be a practitioner! How dull headed and stupid these people can be! How can these readers even think in their wildest dreams that they can learn to be a doctor just by reading a book written for lay people? Dr. Devi has clearly told the reader that this book is not a substitute for seeing a doctor and not intended to teach anyone to treat their health problems on their own. She has advised the reader to find a qualified NAET® practitioner to get treated for their allergies. She has given the resources to find the appropriate practitioner. If one can be a doctor just by reading a book what is the necessity of having all the medical schools? Why should people even bother to go to any medical school? Why should any student spend thousands of dollars in tuition and thousands of sleepless nights in studies? All medical schools should close up and people should just read this book, if that's all it takes to become a doctor!

One of the reviewer's selfishness is also worth noting. She tells people not to buy this book. She got treated and she admits that she is well now. But rest of the sick people in the world should never find out about this treatment so that everyone else can still be sick and suffer; only she will be a well-person in this world! How can anyone own such a selfish and mean mind? If no one ever bought this book no one else will ever discover this treatment and rest of us can jump in the ocean; this callous person doesn't care a bit! That's what her message represents. If you didn't read the book how could you get information about this new treatment and where and how to receive them?

Another comment of hers made me sick to my stomach. She says that when she got well, she was thinking to write a thank you note to Dr. Devi and she decided not to do so after reading this book. She claims that she is afraid that her thank you letter will be posted in her next book by Dr. Devi. It might give some ray of hope to another sick person reading it? She had no intention to do that. I was burning with rage when I read that. I have to make an appointment with my NAET® practitioner first thing in the morning for an emotional treatment for reading this so-called book review. Until now I thought people who believed in alternative therapies helped each other. How wrong I was! I am amazed to discover that such selfish, mean-minded people exist among people who believe in alternative medicine.

Dr. Devi had mentioned in one of her books that she has thousands of letters of gratitude flowing into her office from NAET® beneficiaries beyond her ability to print them in any of her publications or newsletters. She has graciously acknowledged these writers and apologized for her inability to print all those letters. I don't think she needs a thank you letter from this ungrateful NAET® beneficiary.

I think NAET® is God-sent. It has helped millions of people out of pain and helped them lead normal lives. It is going to help many more millions. NAET® has given me my life back. My whole family has benefited from NAET®. My children are healthy and they can eat everything now. My daughter was severely allergic to eggs and egg products. She suffered from anaphylactic type reactions if she ever came near any egg product. Now she can eat egg for breakfast everyday and egg products whenever she wants to without any trace of previous reactions. My son had severe allergy to milk and suffered from lactose intolerance until he was treated by NAET® for milk. Now he is free from his allergy to milk or milk products. My husband had severe allergy to computer keyboard and mouse. He suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome for years. Just before he was deciding to go for surgery we discovered NAET®. He never had that surgery. He is free of his carpal tunnel syndrome now. I suffered from severe body ache, fatigue, joint pain, hives, throat swelling, migraines, and backache to name a few of my problems. I am free from all those problems now.
Dr. Devi did not have to write a book to share her information with others. She did not have to teach other doctors her unique technique. Just from that we can see how generous she is - how caring she is! We are so blessed to find out about NAET®.

I have read all her books and I enjoy reading all the patients' testimonials and case studies rather than reading the hard core write up. We can relate to sickness and pain. If she only mentioned hard facts about sickness and pain, the book will be so dry people like me will never read it. But her books are very easy to read and comprehend.
I learn a lot from just reading the case studies in the book. Whoever would think the innocent looking, harmless, items from our everyday life can create havoc in one's life and cause such incurable illnesses! Just by reading the book I was able to help many of my family members and friends to track down the culprits of their puzzling health problems. Just by avoiding the culprits they were able to overcome their devastating symptoms.
The in-home allergy testing techniques are shown with illustration in Chapter 6. They are wonderful to locate the cause of one's problem. A little practice will enable one to detect the cause of one's acute health problem.

Testimonials and case studies are educational for lay people and eye openers for professionals if they take time to read the book, of course if they can keep their ego under control. Allopathic medical doctors do not have answers to many of the commonly seen health problems. With any complaint, they load you with medications and keep you doped thinking that when you wake up some magic spell will remove the pain. In my experience of chronic sufferings, pains arising from allergies do not respond to medications, pain killers or antibiotics.

I suffered from severe sciatic pain for several years. Pain began at the hip joint and traveled all the way to the ankle, sometime on one side and other times on both sides. I saw medical doctors, orthopedist, chiropractor for years for that pain. They X-rayed me, scanned me, massaged me, doped me with medications. Nothing gave me any significant relief for more than an hour. Then two years ago my chiropractor studied NAET®. The day after the NAET® basic training he called me and asked me to come to his office. He said he had studied this new treatment called NAET® and that may be the answer to my chronic sciatic pain. He advised me to view the website: www.NAET®.com and buy the book,"say Goodbye to Illness," from since his book order might take a few days before he receives it. I immediately ordered the book and went to see him before I read the book. He muscle tested me and said that I was allergic to elastics -elastic in my underwear, pants, and other clothes. He treated me for elastics using NAET®. 30 minutes after the first treatment, my pain eased and completely disappeared after 28 hours. One treatment on the elastic took away my years-long sciatic pain and I never had that pain again. This made me a believer in NAET® and I returned to his office at least three times a week ever since for the last two years to get treated for all other allergies tested and detected by muscle testing. I am feeling very good now. It is heavenly not to have those pains anymore. Thanks to NAET® and to my chiropractor with 30 years of experience as a chiropractor, who willingly went to learn this technique from Dr. Devi without hiding behind any ego. He is a true HEALER!

I am so grateful to Dr. Devi for discovering the treatment, for her willingness in sharing the information with other doctors, for writing books on the subject so that other allergy victims get informed about this unique, effective treatment and get another chance to live a normal life again.

- Nora L.
A dedicated NAET® Patient

You are so right about calling on God in praise and thanksgiving. I was at a retreat over the week-end. I was with another pastor and United Methodist Women. Of course I praised God, and told them about the miracle of NAET® and my journey. There was a woman there who said she had CFIDS and immune deficiency. On the second morning, she began to get very hot, diaphoretic and miserable. I knew that feeling and have had it a number of times. I asked if I could see if I could help. I massaged counter clockwise on the area on her back as you demonstrated in the Basic Class.
The woman looked at me in amazement, and with appreciation. She and I had been discussing NAET® and immune dysfunction on the previous day. She was doubtful, but this made a believer of her. She said that she was quite comfortable for the rest of the day. Another woman was suffering from allergies, her head was stopped up, and she was miserable. I just massaged a few points on her back, as she turned her back to me, in the chair she was sitting on in the dining room. (I was sitting next to her.) She immediately began to feel better and you could see the periorbital edema subside. She is wanting NAET® treatments, as I told her that was not a true treatment but I just did a little something to give her some relief.
Now that is a praise report!!! I praise God and I thank you for making this knowledge available to those of us who have been called to be instruments of God as"healers."

NAET® Practitioner: G. Allen, GA

My Unique Allergy to Sugar!

Here is my unique sugar story:"I didn't clear my sugar treatment at the emotional third level with Dr……. the first time so we repeated the treatment and I repeated the 25 hour avoidance. At our next meeting, I still hadn't cleared at the emotional level so we re-treated and once again I observed the 25 hour avoidance period. By this time my sugar allergy was exacerbated and I began to develop emotional symptoms of irritability and anger. Before the next treatment for sugar I gorged on sweets since I was annoyed at the prospect of having to do another 25 hour avoidance and wanted to reward myself. As a result, I went into a severe hypoglycemic episode and fell asleep on the train to New York City only to wake up in Grand Central Station alone on the train. I dragged myself to my NAET® appointment half-asleep and in a total brain fog. At my fourth sugar treatment I consented to consciously explore the emotional level blockage and did a Cellular Level Imbalance Removal Treatment (CLIR). The situation was established by NST and Ted asked me"What was the sad event involving sugar at age seven?" I laughed at the prospect of trying to remember something so specific in my distant past but suddenly it occurred to me that at age seven I had developed a"school phobia". I remembered reading about it years later in the Merck Manual. It was a common psychological phenomenon of school aged children as a result of separation anxiety from one or both parents. In my case, I had actually fainted a couple of times at school so I was referred to a Child Psychologist and medical tests were ordered to rule out any organic pathologies. All the test results were negative so I was then given a Glucose Tolerance Test. In those days blood was drawn at regular intervals over an eight hour period while the patient was made to drink a highly concentrated sugar solution every hour. To complicate matters, I had a strong phobia to needles and the nurse who drew the blood was particularly rough and unsympathetic to the pain I was experiencing. After the first blood drawing I began kicking and screaming and crying to get her away from me. Frustrated and annoyed with me she got two male orderlies to hold me down while she drew the blood. All the while my mother sat helpless in the chair looking on in anguish. After drawing the blood they would give me the sweet solution to drink. As I'm visualizing this while receiving the NAET® spinal sets 1 & 2 I'm thinking"My god, I haven't thought about this in years. No wonder I became allergic to sugar emotionally." Immediately after the treatment, I noticed that my low blood sugar symptoms were gone as if someone had flipped a switch. My mental and physical lethargy had been replaced with a feeling of clarity as though I were floating on a cloud. I was then muscle tested for Sugar and found to be 100% clear. Since that fourth and final treatment for sugar, my relationship to sugar has been completely different. The best way I can describe it is to say that I am now completely free in relation to sugar - free to enjoy it or not. I have no sugar cravings and no hypoglycemic symptoms if I eat any. Most interesting is the change relating to the archetype of"sugar/sweetness." I now feel as if I can allow sweetness into my life. Anything silly, sentimental or sappy used to annoy me to no end. Now I even have a"have a nice day" smiling face for a night light.

Paul G. Rathe, MS, L. Ac. NAET® Practitioner
Port Chester, NY 10573

NAET® Treatments Before Stem cell Transplant

In November of 2003, I was scheduled to receive a stem cell transplant. A few weeks prior to the transplant my Aunt told me about NAET®. Willing to try anything to improve my chances of having a successful transplant, I located a practitioner in my area. I began treatments immediately. I was treated for all of the past chemo I had received and also for the chemo that I was going to be getting for the transplant, radiation, and food allergies. When I was admitted into the hospital to begin the transplant, I responded much better than I had in the past to all of the drugs. I had fewer and less severe side effects. Immediately before I received the stem cells, I received a NAET® treatment with a sample of them. I continued to treat myself to try and decrease my chances of getting GVHV (graft verses host disease). I received my transplant on November 17th, it is now July 5th and I still haven't had any graft versus host disease. I strongly feel that the NAET® program contributed a great deal to my success.

Hilary Binn
Portland OR. 97225.
NAET® Practitioner: Lisa Camerino, MD, Portland, Or.

A Testimony by Edwina C. Mananzan, BS
Chemical Engineering, Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila, Philippines. MS Chemistry, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A. Retired Professor in Chemistry

NAET® is God's gift to me! After many years of being a slave to my food allergies, I am now finally liberated from my ordeal of having to eat only rice and gourd (boiled w/ salt only).
For the record, I started having food allergies in the late 1980's, when I noticed allergic reactions to chicken. Eventually, I developed allergy to shrimp and other seafood. These sources of allergic reactions, then included milk, cheese, and all calcium-rich food. All the allergists whom I consulted, couldn't understand how anybody can be allergic to calcium, which by then, I decided was the culprit.
Early December 2003, a friend, mentioned to me that a friend of hers, who was also very allergic, was healed by N.A.E.T. I immediately arranged for a visit to Mila Ting and in 2 or 3 sessions with her, I found myself eating chicken, pork, eggs, and fish. I was of course very cautious at first, but then, I noticed that I was not getting any reactions (red spots/sores in my legs and feet) anymore.
Occasionally, I would get a slight reaction which disappears after a day or two, unlike before when it would last for 2 to 3 weeks. This is a miracle to me.
But the greatest miracle is the treatment of my lower back pain. In the 3rd week of December 2003, I had a pinched nerve which gave me so much pain. After CT SCAN and an MRI, a doctor advised me to go for traction. This aggravated my pain to the point that I couldn't get up from bed without experiencing excruciating pain. It was at this point I met Mila and she told me in one of my visits to her that she can remove the pain.
She told me to stop eating corn and nuts. I half believed her when she told me that she can cure me of this terrible pain. On the first session, half of the pain was gone. This was a very welcomed relief. Then on the next session, while she was treating me for the pain, I felt the pain literally leaving my body. Right there and then, the pain was completely gone. To this day, I still couldn't believe that with the seemingly simple tapping of my back, the pain was gone. But it was gone….. to me, a miracle!

NAET® Practitioner: Mila Ting, B. Pharm,
Manila, Philippines
May 2004

Severe MSG Sensitivity

This letter is for you, Drs. Devi, Kris, Mala, and Mohan, and Janna.
Beginning in 1971, I began to have periods of disorientation, inability to"find" words when I spoke, unstable walk pattern, and facial rash. On some occasions, I went into anaphylactic shock, with a precipitous drop in blood pressure. The diagnosis made by several physicians was MSG-sensitivity.
For some time, I was able to protect myself by avoiding the food ingredient monosodium glutamate. However, as the food industry began to use more and more ingredients that included the reactive component of monosodium glutamate, (processed free glutamic acid), I very often experienced a feeling of not feeling well, and, from time to time, had more bouts of anaphylactic reactions. I have lost consciousness more than 30 times since 1971.
As my tolerance for all processed free glutamic acid (MSG) became lower and lower, I had more difficulty staying well. I began to limit my eating to home prepared meals. In fact, if I had to be away from home for more than a few hours, I carried food with me. I did not even risk eating at my children's homes. My reactions began to include periods of atrial fibrillation following MSG ingestion.
At the time that I learned about NAET®, I was having difficulty eating safely, even though I only ate meals that I had prepared. At this point, the glutamate and food industry was using processed free glutamic acid (MSG) in most processed foods, and farmers had begun to spray some crops with a pesticide that included processed free glutamic acid (MSG). At this point, I even lost consciousness from a plain baked potato. During a 60 day period, I experienced a number of episodes of atrial fibrillation, and was debilitated 44 out of the 60 days recorded.
As an individual who spent my entire life working in and with allopathic medical facilities, I had great concern about trying NAET®, but felt that I could not continue living as I was. You may recall, I only agreed to start NAET® after meeting with you and getting answers to a number of questions that I had. During testing, Mohan noted that one of the diagnostic procedures that you use indicated that I had a very low energy level.
I now have completed the NAET® treatments that appear to apply to my condition. I have decided to try to go on at this point without further treatment, knowing that if I have problems, all of you will be there to help me. I now feel better than I have in many years, in spite of the fact that I will soon be 68 years old. I now can again eat without fear at my children's homes, go to the homes of friends for dinner, travel, and eat out in restaurants. I even traveled to out of the country (Paris, AU, New Zealand) for a few weeks and did well. In short, NAET® has given me my life back.
I have spent many years in the health care industry. During those years, I have never met anyone more kind and dedicated to helping people than you, Mala, Mohan, and Chris. The good feelings about your office begin with the greeting by Janna when one enters your office.
I can understand that some people in the health care industry who have not had the misfortune of having food and environmental allergies and/or sensitivities, and who have not experienced the"miracles" that can be realized through NAET® treatments, may express concern about NAET®, but, as former NAET® patients know, NAET® does work. Although it appears that more people are learning about the value of NAET®, I wish it were used even more broadly by health care practitioners than it is, including by allopathic physicians.
I do not know how to thank all of you at the office for allowing me to enjoy the balance of my life. I will miss seeing all of you weekly at the office, but will stop in from time to time to let you know how I am doing. Thank you Devi for having the courage to offer NAET® to patients in need, knowing that NAET® would be controversial in the minds of some.

Sincerely yours,
Jack L. Samuels, CA

Dear Dr. Devi,
My name is Erin D. and I received treatment from you in Melbourne, Australia on the 8th of June, 2003. Before I received treatment from you I was unable to eat without suffering severe pains in my stomach. I also suffered from depression, panic attacks, and was unable to leave my house. Since returning home from Melbourne myself along with my family noticed a dramatic change in me almost immediately, for the first time in years I was able to eat without experiencing any pain and my anxiety levels had reduced as well. I am now able to eat almost anything I like. I don't have panic attacks anymore and am able to leave my house and go out on my own. I am even returning to work in the New Year; something I haven't been able to do in 3 years. Dr. Devi, thank you so very much for giving me my life back. Your treatment is truly brilliant as I have never felt better!
I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and have a Happy New Year!
Many many thanks again,
Sydney, Australia.

Dear Dr. Nambudripad,
Even before our youngest son was diagnosed as being in the autism spectrum, I had questioned if allergies could be the root of some of his seemingly minor health problems. I couldn't seem to find anyone who agreed with me until one day, while discussing this with my son's ABA provider, I was told about Dr Lisa Camerino. We contacted her and she had us read your book. It was all new to us but the concepts made sense to me. Both my son and I have been allergic to just about everything we were tested for each time! As we have done the treatments, my seasonal allergies that had been getting worse each year have diminished and my sinus headaches have decreased from a couple of times a week to once a month. My daily strength has increased and my heart palpitations have ceased as well. Our son, who is three, has shown drastic improvement and now has good eye contact, desires to be in social situations and is beginning to speak and interact with others. He is even showing a desire to be potty trained! Our oldest son, who is ten, did not have a very good attention span in a classroom setting until he was treated for grains and sugar. After working through these two very difficult allergens, I was amazed to observe his intense attention and participation in the classroom. He noticed the difference immediately, noting that he no longer craved toast all day long. My husband and two daughters have also seen good results since beginning their treatment. Dr. Lisa has been more than generous with helping our family. We consider her more than just a good doctor but also a special friend.
Thank you very much
Bethany Ballard
Portland, Oregon

NAET® Practitioner/ Dr. Lisa Camerino, Portland, OR

Dear Doctor,
My youngest daughter developed white lines on her tongue when she was one year old. They were two stripes going from the back of her tongue to the front. She looked kinda like a snake. I went to three different doctors over the course of a year and a half. All three diagnosed her with"Geographic tongue." They all said that it was no problem , fairly common. I found it difficult to believe that such an apparent symptom was"no problem." Dr. Mary used the NAET® approach and diagnosed the problem as a combination factors, including: an allergy to humidity, a virus, and a kidney weakness. The kidney weakness was 60% of the issue, and could have damaging long term effects if it is left untreated. Through a combination of NAET® treatments and kidney support supplements the problem is 90% cured, and the white lines are completely gone!
Thank you so much Dr. Mary,

Kris Barker/ Montrose, Ca

Dear Dr. Devi,

I want to share this exciting news with you about my son. Remember he was treated for his anaphylactic reactions to"Bee stings" three years ago? Prior to that NAET® desensitization for Bee stings I had to rush him to the emergency room on several occasions for bee stings reactions.

On Saturday my son, Evan was stung by another bee (He must be a bee
magnet). It was the third bee to sting him since he was treated with
NAET®. Once again he had localized edema and inflammation instead of the anaphylaxis.

Thank you!

Anthony DeSiena

Dear Dr. Barnes,
Today is my 50th birthday. I feel so much better today than I did when I was younger. Thank you!!! Thank you for changing my life in so many ways. Thank you for your dedication, caring and knowledge and the NAET®. I feel happier, healthier, and more positive than I ever did.
I came to you with desperation and hope. I love to travel but my eyes were getting so puffed up and my eyelids had blisters so that I couldn't enjoy my trips anymore. Today I can travel again and enjoy every minute of it.
I have had a difficult relationship with my youngest daughter since she was a baby. I had tried therapy (4 times) but nothing had really changed. I had come to the point of believing that nothing could be done to make things better between us. I was wrong. Today we are good friends... thanks to you and NAET®!
One day I remembered the name of Dr. Nambudripad and I wanted to go see her. She had made such an impression on me in a whole Life Fair when I talkd with her... it was 15 or more years ago. She lived too far from me and I really couldn't go to her.. When I looked up Dr. Devi on the internet I found you as an NAET® practitioner.
Today I can eat everything again. Since I was 37 I had been on a very strict diet because of my allergies. My mood has improved a lot. I am relaxed and happy. I used to be very sad and depressed so often and when I was not down I was fuming with rage.
My youngest daughter and I are getting along fine. Neither one of us has changed, only my attitude towards her is different... thanks to you! You treated our relationship as an allergy and it worked!
My life is far from perfect but today is the best it has been for the past 20 years. I know that with your help it can only get better.

Maria. G
NAET® Practitioner:
Roger Barnes, D.C. 10801 National Blvd., # 250
West Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 441-9682 /

I am Cured of My Chronic Asthma with NAET®!

Ever since I was a child, I suffered from asthma coupled with very low immunity. Asthma ran in my family and I was on an inhaler, twice a day from an early age.
In 1998, I came to Dr. Devi's clinic and was treated for all the basics, followed by another 20 or so treatments. This changed my life. My asthma is virtually gone and my immunity levels soared. No longer was I susceptible to every cold and virus that went around. I could confidently be around people with colds and seldom catch them. Previously, I would always come down with whatever infection was going around and this would invariably lead to severe asthmatic attacks which often needed hospitalization.
I know now that some to the triggers were dust, certain foods, and infections. Now, I have no problems with any of these triggers. I am no longer on an inhaler and I lead an absolutely normal, asthma free life, Thanks to NAET®.

M. Firoz, Los Angeles, CA

NAET® Treatments are Gifts From Heaven!

I received treatments from Dr. Chernoff on April 18, 2003 for
my shoulder and some unpleasant emotions. I have not been able to raise my left arm very far for many years. One hour after the treatment, I could raise my left arm all the way up and it has slowly improved more every day since.

My parents are approaching 80 and in poor health. I am the only offspring here locally to take care of them. My father was diagnosed with cancer recently, and undergone a serious surgery to remove his entire stomach.

Through the entire ordeal, I kept thinking I was having asthma and kept using the inhaler. I had constricted, painful breathing and thought maybe I was allergic to the dog, since I was taking care of my dad's dog while he was sick.

But Dr. Chernoff checked me and said it was an emotional allergy. She cleared me for"suffocation." Apparently, I was suffocating myself emotionally. Dr. Chernoff cleared me for the emotion that was blocking me, and I haven't used the inhaler since.

Thank you Dr. Chernoff, I can't imagine living without NAET® treatments!

Gayle Wilson
NAET® Practitioner: Marilyn Chernoff, NM

Computer Analysis for Food Sensitivity

Have you been thinking about getting the new test done? Please do it.
Getting the test results improved my health 75% overnight!
I don't want to include a bunch of gory details, but suffice it to say that I don't digest food very well. Since I had intestinal parasites three years ago, my bowel movements have been barely digested. That's why I came to Dr. Chernoff for help. I've been receiving one or two NAET® treatments a month from her since May 2002. The treatments have helped a lot. I have more energy and improved immunity. But, I've continued to have digestive problems. I thought that, maybe the computer test would give me some helpful information. I knew that I had allergies to lots of foods, but I didn't know how many until I had the test done.

When I saw the printout, I was discouraged but not surprised to see about 85% of the foods marked as allergic. I was skeptical about the accuracy of the results but decided to try to use them. I bought the few foods that were okay for me to eat. I noticed that several foods that I had eaten daily like olive oil, rice milk, oatmeal and others were all listed as allergens. I decided to stop eating them for a week to see if it made a difference.

Here's why the test results were so incredibly helpful. Within 24 hours of avoiding the highly allergic foods and sticking mostly to the okay foods, my bowel movements changed from barely digested to well formed and well digested. It was amazing! It's been over a month since I made these simple changes in my diet, and I've had no problems digesting food even over the holidays with large meals and sweets.

Over time, I'll get treated for the allergic foods on the list, so that I don't have to avoid them. In the meantime, the test results have helped me improve the quality of my life immensely! Thank you Dr. Devi and Dr. Marilyn!

— Susanne

Albuquerque, New Mexico

No More Depression!

Dear Dr. Nambudripad,
I read your book ‘Say Good bye to Illness" in December. I have had chronic clinical depression for 22 years. I have been treated with numerous antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. I have been in counseling and have participated in group therapy for sexual abuse. My depression has been resistants to most treatment. I have been able to control it at times, but the medicines always developed serious side effects that made it necessary to change medications.
Since starting the NAET® treatments I have been able to go off the medication. My blood pressure was 113 over 76 yesterday. Before stating treatments it rose to 157 over 99. I was feeling so sick. I hurt all over my body and found it difficult to put one foot in front of the other. I was constantly exhausted. Since treatment (and I am just starting) I have so much less pain in my body. My energy is increasing daily. My outlook on life is hopeful and I laugh now. I am feeling so much better. I am full of hope for my future. I can't even imagine how good I will feel when I've completed treatments.
For me, the treatments are so powerful. It is truly amazing. Thank you for discovering this great therapy. Dr. Lisa Camerino is my N.A.E.T. specialist. She has been treating me with the nutritional vials and she has been treating me for emotional blockages. It has been so helpful. My depression is melting away. This has been the most wonderful gift to me.
My husband started treatment one month ago. He also is getting the same great results. We are amazed and so thankful. Thank you Dr. Nambudripad, Thank you Dr. Lisa Camerino.

Gratefully yours,
Patricia Stockwell and Dean Stockwell
NAET® Practitioner: Lisa Camerino, M.D.,
Portland, Oregon.

My Son is Cured From Autism!

Dear Dr. Devi and Staff,
It has been a long, long time since I have been to your clinic, but the results have been lasting. Dominic is now in the 4th grade and has received numerous academic awards such as"Super kid and Character Counts." When I first brought him to you with the diagnosis of"Autism Spectrum disorder" he could not even say a word then and now he is a chatterbox. He sometimes wears me out. He has a vast vocabulary and is a straight"A" student. His teachers can hardly believe that once he had a diagnosis of Autism, although he often prefers to be alone reading a book than playing outside with kids. But he is very much in "our world" now. When Dominic or any of us seemed to be reacting to any food or drink I am able to detect them and treat them myself by using self-treatment procedures you taught me in the patient education meetings. Thank you for giving me the rare, best gift - the ability to locate the allergen and help my children overcome the reactions in minutes! I noticed on your testimonials on the web site Dominic's story was not there. I know I wrote to you a long detailed testimony about Dominic before we moved away from your area. If you still have it by all means you have my permission to put it on your web site. If you misplaced it I can write another one. It might help another desperate parent to find some ray of hope when everything looks bleak. When Dominic was sick, how frantically I looked everywhere for a ray of hope? Thank God I found your book,"Say Good-bye to Illness." That book gave me a new lease on life! I like to help stop autism among children. If I can be of any help, please let me know.

God Bless,
Debbie Lopez

No radiation Burns!

I have received many NAET® treatments at Bio-Energetics and would like to share some of the most impressive results of my treatments with others who are considering NAET® treatments themselves.

I am a cancer survivor. My treatments for cancer included severe chemotherapy over a seven month period, followed by 33 days of radiation therapy. Prior to beginning radiation therapy my sister-in-law told me of her positive experience at Bio-Energetics. At her request, and despite of my skepticism, I went for treatments at Bio-Energetics. I received the NAET® treatment for Radiation therapy. Doctor (my oncologist) and nurses that had warned me of radiation burns (and the need for a break after the 2nd or 3rd week) were shocked that after 31 days of radiation I had only red "sun-burn" like skin, and only minor burns following the last of the 33 cycles. They had never seen anyone go through this type of therapy with such minor side effects. I honestly believe that the NAET® treatments given to me by Dr. Eric Thompson and Tess are what made the difference.

A short time later I developed Lymphoedema due to the removal of eleven lymph-nodes in a cancer related surgery. my leg would frequently swell and cause me enough pain that I could not sleep some nights. I wore a special compression-stocking to reduce the swelling but it was not always effective and was very uncomfortable. During a NAET® treatment for one of my allergies (gone now too) Eric mentioned that we could try a"Lymph system" treatment. Soon we treated NAET® on lymph system and it helped dramatically. My leg will still swell on occasion but it does so rarely and does not get nearly as bad as used to be. I no longer need the compression stocking either.

I had many food allergies as well as environmental and chemical sensitivities. I have been treated for"Trees" and am now able to walk through a park or go camping and enjoy the smell of pine trees free from the worrying about any allergic reaction. Prior to treating for"pepper" every time my husband put pepper on his food I could hardly breathe rest of the day or night. After treating for pepper, now there is peace in the house when my husband eats food with a lot of pepper. It smells wonderful even though I don't like to eat pepper. I don't get sick on foods anymore. I have been able to enjoy my life more than ever now since I don't react adversely to most foods, chemicals or environmental substances around me anymore.

Dr. Eric and Tess at Bio-Energetics have helped me so much that I asked them if there was some way for me to help or support them in return. They said a testimony of my experiences would be nice.

Well, this letter is a testimony, and also an endorsement, but most of all it is a chance for me to say"THANK YOU" for the many ways in which they have helped me to improve the quality of my life through NAET® treatments.

NAET® Practitioners:

Drs. Eric and Tess Thompson
Richland, WA

Dear Dr. Kahn,

Thank you so much for learning the practice and art of Dr. Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET®).

As compared to other case studies in Dr. Nambudripad's book, I am a very healthy person. I mainly suffer from seasonal allergies and allergy to cats. During the allergy season, both spring and autumn, I lived on allergy pills. I have been suffering since I was a child. I also took injections for 10 years. I am very happy to say that this allergy season I was PILL-FREE!!! I expect to be pill-free this spring as well.

Prior to NAET®, I could not go near a cat without my eyes itching and swelling shut. My ears would itch, my throat would be scratchy, and I would sneeze uncontrollably. If I knew I would be around a cat, I would need to be on Benedryl before going anywhere near it. Last year when I at my friend's house, (she lives in Florida) I forgot she had cats and did not take any medication. After visiting only 20 minutes I had to leave because my right eye had swollen shut. After being treated with NAET®, I happened to go back down to Florida and visited with my friend again. This time, I was able to spend the entire night with her without any allergic reactions and she has 3 cats!!!.

I really don't comprehend exactly why and how this technique works. I only know it does. Thank you again for adding a new dimension to my life-living PILL-FREE.

Warmest regards,
Cindy Rabinowitz

NAET® Practitioner: Terry L. Kahn, D.C.,
2698 Route 516, Suite C
Old Bridge, NJ 08857 USA
Phone: 732 679 1100; Fax: (732) 679-5770

18-Year-Old Arthritis

I suffered from severe joint pains: in the lower back, upper back, both sides of the hips, sciatic pain going down to the ankle on the right side, more excruciating for the last 15 years. The pain used to get very bad on certain days, especially during cloudy and rainy days. During those days I could not do many of my chores. I had to stay in bed for a couple of days with pain pills and local application of liniments or heating pads whenever I had an attack of arthritis. I had these severe attacks of pain at least once a week. Most other days even though I was mobile I still suffered from constant nagging dull pain on my back, neck and hip all the time. It was severe only on certain days. I had tried many prescription medicines with no positive results. I found Dr. Devi six years ago. I was treated twice a week for almost six months. After I got treated by Dr. Devi for basic allergies, amalgam (dental fillings), and my gold and silver jewelry, my arthritic pain completely left me. I have not had another attack in the past six years. I never knew I had allergies before I came to Dr. Devi. When she told me that I was allergic to all the foods I was eating, I did not believe her. Now after having been treated for most of the food items I believe that food allergy was the cause of my arthritis. Thank you Dr. Devi for helping me enjoy my life again!

Susan McBrede,
Rancho Cucamonga

Dr. Devi, Kris, Mala, and Mohan,

My son, Evan, who three years ago went into anaphylactic shock when he was stung by a bee, was stung by a bee about two weeks ago. I have treated him with NAET® for anaphylaxis to bee stings since the original sting. His reaction to the recent bee sting was a red wheel at the site of the sting. But he did not need the anaphylaxis kit! He is doing fine. Every day I see miracles happening in my office with NAET®! Thank you for making this possible. Life is Beautiful!

Thank you!
Dr. Anthony DeSiena, D.C.
Washington Street Chiropractic Center, L.L.C.
771 Washington Street, Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 686-BACK (2225)

Cholesterol testimony

Old Cholesterol was 284 and now it is 191. OLD TRIGLYCERIDES WERE 720 NOW 184. Ratio now normal at 3.1
My medical Doctor said,"I don't know how this could happen".
All this after only two cholesterol treatments after basic ten NAET®.
I am impressed with this treatment, to say the least.

Marlene Bucholtz

My Wife's Nightmare of the weekend was Solved by NAET®

Here is a rundown of what happened as we see it:
Thursday May 10, 2001
After complaining of abdominal pain, my wife was in for an office visit with Dr. J. at the Harriman Clinic in La Palma at 4:30PM. Dr. J. after his examination recommended that she gets admitted at La
Palma I C Hospital across the street for further observation and checkup. There she was subjected to the required tests and scans to determine the cause. She spent the night at the hospital

Friday May 11, 2001
The tests continued on Friday. An MRI & CT Scan was ordered and eventually that afternoon, the CT Scan was performed. The Doctor advised that in the opinion of the radiologist and himself, it was a tumor in the abdomen near the liver and it may need surgery to remove. She was given sleeping medicine to rest through the night as they might have to do a procedure the next day.

Saturday, May 12,2001
We had family members by her bedside to calm her fears from 7am onwards. Around mid-morning that day, Dr. A. came to her and explained as to what he thinks she has. It was pictorially explained to her that one of her liver lobes had a tumor measuring 20cm. The prognosis given was :
1. Biopsy will be performed to determine if the tumor was malignant
2. Endoscopy will be performed to examine the tumor.
3. A test described by the Doctor involved injection of a dye in to the liver to determine if the other lobe was healthy. This would then determine if"surgery was even an option."

The doctor consoled her by saying that he would not do the surgery but someone more specialized with liver surgery would have to be chosen to do it. He will get us to meet surgeons specialized in this kind of surgery and the best surgeon would be chosen to do the job as it involved a vital organ. However as this tumor has been developing for at least 3-4 years with no symptoms, it did not indicate any emergency and waiting a few days would not affect anything.
My wife requested Dr. A. and Dr. E. (the back-up for Dr. J. over the weekend) and received a parole for the rest of Mother's Day weekend; she was discharged at 12:30pm to spend the weekend at home and call Dr. A's office on Monday morning.

Saturday May 12th evening
After spending a few"happy" hours with her mother and kids, she complains of shortness of breath and uncontrolled shivering. She called the emergency room. Emergency personnel asked her to return to La Palma Hospital. At the emergency room, they pull her charts and upon realizing what she was diagnosed with, feel that anxiety was the cause for her condition. They calmed us down by saying that she will be fine and that the tumor indicated in the records may not be malignant after all. They prescribe a pill for anxiety and let her go home. She takes the pill and comfortably rests the night.

Sunday May 13th, Mother's Day
A day of reckoning with the unexpected disaster that had unfolded in the past 72 hours. Relatives and friends were advised of the events to come in the next few days. The anxiety medicine keeps the patient calm.

Monday May 14th, 2001
An appointment request was made at Dr. A's office around 10am. They
told her that an Endoscopy is the first planned procedure and she should plan on it the next day. She would need to come in and sign papers so that Insurance approval can be ready. The husband is involved in collecting alternative opinions and second opinions on the situation. This was such a major step for us.

Independent of their diagnosis, Dr. Devi Nambudripad returns from vacation on Monday. She was consulted at 8:00 am on Monday for any advice from the NAET® stand point. Dr. Devi conducts her diagnostic evaluation on my wife with no charts, no scans and no test results of the past 72 hours. She concludes that my wife was reacting to a type of cola that was highly concentrated in vitamin C and the reaction was showing as some energy disturbance in the liver meridian. Upon investigation, my wife agreed that she was drinking a citrus cola an ounce or so daily for a couple of weeks before the pain started. But Dr. Devi added"there is something wrong in the abdomen but the liver appears to be healthy for the most part. Could be something like a cyst on the top of the liver! I suggest you to get another abdominal scan to be sure before we begin the treatment."

Dr. Devi recommended"Heart Saver's full body Scan" to confirm the diagnosis. This particular test is quite expensive. Someone in the family said: "What does a few hundred dollars matter when it involves something so critical and this scan is such a state of the art process ?" We agreed.

Through exceptional influence by Dr. Devi, an appointment was scheduled for that procedure in Irvine at 7:30A the next morning. Dr. Devi treated her with NAET® emotional treatment for fear. She also checked abdominal organs one organ by organ using NAET® testing procedures and strengthened them using NAET® treatments. She said she wanted to see the results of the scan before treated the cola.

Tuesday May 15th, 2001
The Full Body Scan was performed and by 9am, it was interpreted by the"expert" there, that there did not appear to be any sign of tumor in the liver. However a large cyst is probably sitting atop the liver. The liver and the other major organs appeared healthy. They questioned the earlier opinions given to us… a tumor half that size could have resulted in symptoms much earlier. This contradictory statement was a relief. They recommended that a cyst of that size should be drained as soon as possible, because an accidental rupture could cause serious harm. They were amazed that someone did not diagnose the cyst of that size after a routine Ultrasound and not drained it already. We were also advised that Endoscopy was contraindicated in this case.

Not wanting to risk more delays and re-diagnosis, we decided to do something right away. A doctor was consulted in Fountain Valley and he made immediate plans for a procedure made at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital that afternoon. The necessary procedures were performed and about 1300 CC of fluid was aspirated out of that cyst under local anesthesia. She returned home at 9:30 pm that night and recuperated.

Wednesday May 16th, 2001
In order to ensure that Universal Care and HJMG takes care of her follow-up procedure, an appointment was scheduled with her Personal Physician Dr. J at 4: 15 pm. The events above were recited to him and he concurred that the second opinion perhaps was a good choice for us. He will ensure that the right follow-up care will be given.
A nightmare indeed ! I wish such a nightmare be not bestowed on any human being under any circumstances. I am no medical expert to figure out such things, but my description of events perhaps gives full credence to the effectiveness of alternative strategies to get well. Healing in whatever form deserves praise, be it spiritual, holistic or what we call"traditional." It may just have been the combination of the three or more kinds that did it this time around. But credit goes to Dr. Devi for the correct diagnosis.....100%.

A. W., 23 year old graduate student with diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis, writes, "I can not thank you enough for your help!! NAET® has truly changed my life in so many ways...I am back running marathons again." The physical therapist who was treating the condition verified that there was no longer a problem.

Dr. Margaret A. Owens
4104 Medical Parkway #202
Austin, TX 78756

I also want to let you know about my own successful treatment with NAET®. I had cracked a tooth in the root area. My whole side of the face swelled and it took about three weeks on penicillin to just get the swelling down. The tooth was not rotten so the dentist gave me a choice to keep the tooth with a root canal or have it pulled. I chose to have the root canal and keep the tooth.
After the root canal the dentist wanted to wait a couple weeks to see if the tooth was worth capping. After a couple of weeks the tooth still felt like it was moving around inside the gum and it kept getting a little pus pocket that would come and go. After about six weeks of
this I decided that it was not a good thing for me to keep absorbing this pus into my body so I tried NAET® just touching the gum area with my fingers. The next day the gum firmed up around the broken tooth and no more pus. That was a few weeks ago now and I still feel a firm gum, no moving tooth and no pus.

June Lee, Sykesville,
324 Klee Mill Rd


I have suffered with food allergies, airborne allergies as well as reactions to various medications throughout my life. I have been on two series of allergy shots over the past 20 years. I also went through an elimination diet for 6 weeks to determine food allergies... Some 20 years ago.
As a patient of dezavala chiropractic treatment center, I have experienced many improved changes in my body because they use correct methods described in the NAET® workbook. They were clear up front that the process takes time and dedication in order to be effective.
I have been going through the process for the past 6 weeks and recognize the benefits to following the technical procedures. Dr. Ward peterson and his wife, pat use great care in helping people treat and clear for the various substances in the NAET® workbook. I Can tell a difference already because NAET® is being used correctly in the clinic and I have also been very disciplined in following the plan described for each substance (i.e. foods not to eat or touch and foods that I can eat) regarding the 25 hours after being treated.
I also have a friend who has had health problems that she never realized were"allergy-based". She has had to redo several substances, but has found out just how ill her body was becoming because of her"allergy" to vitamin c. Thanks to NAET® and ward and Pat peterson, she has become more aware of her body and what her body tells her concerning her health. She also has received better health since beginning NAET® about 6 weeks ago (8 treatments).
I thought your letter discussing the illegitimate methods being used by some other practitioners was direct and to the point. I was also grateful because you let everyone involved in NAET® know that such techniques are not NAET® nor are they considered appropriate in trying to help people become healthy.
Thank you for your prompt response. It is not a magical cure, but a technique that if used correctly can truly benefit the health of the person taking the time and commitment to follow the NAET® method. Thank you for your life-study of such methods, for developing it for people to use in order to be healthier and for making sure that the NAET® methods remain legitimate and used correctly.
Debbie Hildebrandt
Practitioner: Dr. Ward Peterson, 5999 DeZavala Rd., #145 San Antonio, TX 78249. Tel. (210) 691 2747


Patrick is a nineteen-month-old boy who was only eating two to three bites of food and only gained 1 1/2 pounds in the last six months. The doctors were ready to run blood work and tests to see what was wrong with him. His mother brought him in to see Dr. Chernoff and had an immediate response to his treatment.

Before his treatment, Patrick didn't seem well. The best you could explain it was"droopy." He would not even eat one bite of food. Dr. Chernoff treated him for Bile Duct Flukes. Immediately after the acupressure part of the treatment, Patrick seemed physically"stuck." He had his arms held out in a frozen position and didn't move a muscle for six minutes. Then slowly, his legs started to move, then his hands and arms.
After the treatment that same evening, Patrick ate like crazy for dinner! He even had second helpings! Patrick has been eating big meals every day since the treatment.

Thank you NAET®, Thank You Marilyn, for all you have done for us!

Satya Miller (Patrick's mom)

My Body Attacked Me!
(A testimonial from a M.C.S.patient)

I felt as though I was living in some weird science fiction movie. A plot so very real, yet so far from reality. I was afraid to admit to myself the unnatural things going on with me. I was convinced I was crazy. All of my friends and family were pretty much convinced I had lost my mind, even the ones TRYING to understand. I no longer wanted to be here in this body, my body had turned on me and was attacking me from within.
I could not do any of the normal daily activities anymore, markets, movies, restaurants; church places where people congregate. I had become virtually useless. I hired a full time housekeeper, to the marketing and cleaning.
I stopped leaving my house. The only place I felt safe was in my bedroom. I became a prisoner in my own home, a prisoner of my own BODY. What small comforts that I had were at home. I did not know at the time I was reacting to many of the things in my home as well as most all-outside stuff.
I had become sensitive to noises and vibrations. Noises from distant dogs barking or babies crying. Sirens from police cars, ambulances, and fire engines any high pitched sounds. Vibrations of large and small appliances, the hum of a clothes washer and dryer, dish washer (plus smell of dishwasher soap), vacuum cleaner, computer, electric shaver everything with vibration. I was sensitive to the television, microwave, and even the cordless telephones, anything with electrical energy. This had been on going for almost 12 years. Getting worse with each passing day. Apparently, I was the only one in the house that even heard or felt the discomfort, or so I thought. More about that later.
I would experience symptoms like, headache, brain fog, mental confusion (not the same as brain fog), heavy sensations in my head. My face would swell, as would my hands, fingers, feet and toes. My throat felt as though it was being twisted from within. The majority of these symptoms happened when I was around anything electrical. It took a while to figure that out. When I was close to electrical appliances, I became weak, faint; irritable I would lash out at anyone around me. Soon it was apparent that any foods I ate from the microwave, or anything cooked on my electric stove or in my electric oven was causing me severe abdominal bloating and discomfort. Often I would double over with pain. I was afraid to eat cooked meals for fear of the excruciatingly painful reactions. This was terrifying me; I did not know what to do.
I began eating raw foods, the nutritionist I went to see said that was the best way to get well. My body reacted violently to the raw foods. I would have extreme gastric pain, bloating much the same as when I ate cooked foods. Except now I also had diarrhea.
I tried fruit but that did not help either. Now my nutritionist was telling me to take supplements. Lots of vitamin C, which finished me off. I was sick full time. I could not eat or drink anything without being sick. I lost a lot of weight. I could not sleep. By then, the doctors were telling me that this must be all in my head. The tests showed NOTHING, NOTHING I was dying and their tests showed NOTHING. One doctor sent me to a psychiatrist and he diagnosed me with hysteria and prescribed Zoloft. Another doctor told me to relax and take a vacation. My husband would tell me to chill and"go take a pill".
I became even more sensitive, smells became a huge problem. Anything with a scent, perfume, hair spray, deodorant or soaps to name a few. Man-made materials such as plastics, rubber, fabrics, ink, colored ink, print and recycled anything including paper. Paint, fumes, smog, gasoline, diesel, cars, including that good old ‘new car smell' (outgassing formaldehyde). I was no longer able to get my manicure or have my hair done, I was reacting to WATER. The chemicals in the water were making me even sicker. This was the last straw. I did not have the energy to fight the invisible curse that was rapidly taking over my life.
I suffered from severe insomnia. I could not sleep. I was totally sleep deprived. I would stay in bed for hours so weak and exhausted that I was unable to lift my head. I was almost comatose, yet rest eluded me. My brain was not able to relax. I was always aware and still so weak that I was in an almost vegetative state, barely able to turn over in bed or get up to go to the bathroom. In the morning, it took every ounce of energy to get out of bed. Now the final degradation I developed fibromyalgia, severe migraines and vulvodynia, a symptom of fibromyalgia. Now with everything else I had pain and burning 24 hours a day for 7 days a week in my vaginal area. Now I was certain ‘I am a freak' of nature.
My life became a constant struggle. I was unable to cope with everyday situations. Life was playing this very cruel joke on me; I was all alone, nobody understood, I didn't understand, I hated my body I was embarrassed and humiliated. My desperation grew daily. Going out with me was a trial by anyone's standards. Public places were out, being in the sun was a problem, and I could not be around nature because of sensitivity to flowers, dust, dirt (minerals). I even had trouble at my beloved ocean. I was having severe reactions to hundreds of substances around me including the air. To sum it up I was now reactive to everything on the planet, air, water, people, plus everything in between. The few people that really wanted to understand and stand by me lost patience with the onslaught of debilitating things happening to me and finally the last straw was my husb leaving and divorcing me.

My chemical sensitivities had me trapped. I was the prisoner entombed in a body that tortured me 24 Hours/Day, for seven days a week.
Then oneday my destiny lead me to glance at" The Sandiego Tribune" while I was standing infront of the Newspaper stand. I stared at the words NAET® - I read a few lines in the front cover I couldn't wait to see what is NAET® all about. I immediately bought a copy and rushed home to read it.

Can I envision a sparkle in the horizon?

I first heard about Dr. Devi Nambudripad and NAET® in 1990. An article published in the well-respected News Publication ‘San Diego Tribune' saved my life. I couldn't read the paper myself. I couldn't touch the newspaper. The paper and ink made me sick, my hands tremored, felt light headed, also made me sick to the stomach. I called a friend. She immediately came to my house and read the article to me. The article was about Dr. Devi Nambudripad's innovative approach to combating chronic pain and illness. She had great successes with many patients suffering similar symptoms as my husband's and mine. These people came to her out of desperation, I knew exactly how they felt. It sounded too good to be true. My friend commented:"Another Hogwash!" and she left. I did not hold out much hope for this holistic approach but decided to try NAET® anyway. I had nothing to lose. In actuality, I knew nothing about holistic medicine. I had never been exposed to holistic medicine. I was a bit skeptical.
My first appointment with Dr. Devi helped me to understand the holistic approach to health. It was the first time I had heard about the mind/ body concept and energy fields. Dr. Nambudripad told me I was suffering from ‘allergies'. Hearing that allergies were the reason for my chronic, unrelenting, debilitating pain, I could not believe it, I was in shock! It had never even remotely been suggested that I had any allergies. She then explained to me what true allergies are, how they affect the body and why.
Dr. Nambudripad took the time to test my whole body. She was also testing my meridians and energy flow. She used kinesiological tests on me to track down the cause of my illnesses. She is like a medical sleuth using kinesiology to uncover the cause. Dr. Devi asked my body questions while testing me. She then told me that exposure to some toxic chemicals on a long term basis started the chain of ill health. She told me that the chemicals I was exposed to had even damaged my DNA. I was not thinking in terms of our business and could not come up with any dangerous chemicals I was exposed to.
Again she began asking my body questions through kinesiology (MRT). Then she asked me,"What chemicals did you come in contact with 12 years ago and on a daily basis?" I told her about the swimming pool chemicals, they were the only ones that I was around daily. The full realization of the damage done by exposure to these chemicals was now unfolding. I told her about our swimming pool chemical business, that we had been working together in for about 30 years. About twelve years ago, we had to fire some employers and I decided to fill up the shortage of staff at work . Ever since I worked regularly taking care of the accounting part in the office. Yes, since then I was around the chemicals almost daily. Dr. Devi then explained to me how those chemicals effected my entire body physically, physiologically and psychologically. In this unrelenting process, I even became allergic to my husband. He now was also allergic towards me due to the very deep effects of these chemicals.
She was so gentle; she smiled and told me that I can regain my health, even my husband. It was to late for my husband and me - he had remarried. However, it was not to late for me, my health, my life, and my spirit. The promise that I would again be a healthy, viable person gave me hope, and the strength to begin.
The first several NAET® treatments were very difficult. After each treatment, I would collapse on my bed for many hours. Each treatment took more than one time to clear. My general body ache would also be exacerbated during the 25-hour period (this complaint) heard from other very sick, immune deficient NAET® patients like me. The first 15 treatments were rough for us, we agreed, but worth it).
I felt different after each treatment especially when I passed each one successfully. By the time I passed and completed the Vitamin C
treatment, my pain had diminished by approximately 50%. I was thrilled.
After clearing the basic treatments, Dr.Devi began treating me for
environmental allergens, then the chemicals! I needed various chemicals treated individually. Actually, it was all chemicals. I was also very allergic to plastics; it took about 12 days to pass the plastic mix. There was another huge breakthrough after plastics. Another very big allergen was rubber. It was impossible to avoid. Rubber is everywhere. My bras, panties, shoes, carpets, erasers and rubber bands - the list is endless. It took a full 3 weeks for that treatment to clear. It was worth every bit of work that it took to get through the rubber treatment. I now am feeling like a new woman. Now that all the chemicals were treated and cleared I began treating the emotional blockages, caused by the chemicals.
I now have been treated and cleared for the basic food groups. This group is so important. The basic food group allows the body to absorb the vitamins and nutrients needed to repair the immune system. I have been treated and cleared for chemicals. I have been treated and cleared for most environmental allergens, I still need an occasional treatment but I can go out of my house safely. My life is pretty much back to normal. I can go to the market, department stores, (I still avoid the perfume section), restaurants and movies. I attend seminars and classes and go to church. I have my hair done at the hair salon on a regular basis, I do not get manicures anymore but that's my choice.
I can enjoy walking on the beach once again. Building sand castles and collecting shells. Life is truly grand. I have flown to another city to visit my friend, gone to the theatre without the fear that I would become sick. I am able to work on my computer for hours at time, if I choose to. I talk on my phone and use the microwave; there is no swelling or burning sensation anywhere in my body.
Through all of this I remain mentally alert and physically strong.
It was not always easy. It was a struggle for a couple of years. Being treated for every known allergen on the planet was difficult. But oh my, the results were well worth it. I thought my life was over, I had wished my life would be over. Now I enjoy the pleasures in life again, and with a new appreciation. The time I spent working with the NAET® technique may seem like a long term treatment, but think about the 12 years I spent looking for a cure and finding none. I am now a productive human being again. I can enjoy time with my grandchildren, friends and family.
There are no words to express my gratitude to Dr. Devi for helping me back from my chemical tomb. She gave me the strength and the tools to be able to stand up and fight for my right to ‘Live A Healthy Life' in this Chemically Polluted World!

Thank you Dr. Devi, God Bless You.

Marian Roberts, Los Angeles, CA

I would like to express my sincere gratefullness and happiness to Dr. Devi Nambudripad for taking care of our daughter Nithya Menon age 3 with ANA level 7.4H on 8/15/2001.
My daughter was in pain and unable to climb staircase at home and walk. Her pediatrician wanted to refer her to a specialist of pediatric rheumatoid arthrology and a pediatric ophthalmology for treatment of Lupus.
When the pediatrician informed me that my 3 year old child may be a victim of Lupus, I thought my world came to an end. I couldn't think for a few seconds. Finally when I pulled together, I refused to believe it. I didn't say anything to our kind and considerate pediatrician. She was only trying to help my child with what she knew. She had no concept of alternative medical approach. She had no idea that treatments like NAET® existed outside the medical regimen. Last year when my mother-in-law suffered from a bleeding gastric ulcer for three months, when the gastroenterologist couldn't help her with all the medication she was taking. She had an allergic reaction to the medication. Then we saw Dr. Devi in fact for the allergy to the medication. But during the visit, she detected an allergy to the rice she was eating everyday was the cause of her gastic bleeding. Soon after she completed the treatment for the rice, she stopped bleeding. She didn't need anymore medication.
I immediately called Dr. Devi's office and made an appointment for my daughter on the same day ( 8/31/2001). She referred her to the nearest lab to bring a sample of her venous blood. Then she treated her for vitamin C first, then with a combination of vitamin C and blood. By the same evening she began walking again without pain. We took Nithya to her office everyday during the week for two weeks and she treated her with basics and some of them with calcium and blood combination. Then she advised us to wait a month and retest the blood. We repeated the blood work through the pediatrician's office on October 2, 2001 and the report was sent to her Pediatrician. She called us to notify us that the ANA level has dropped to 1.6 H and Rheumatoid factor negative. She couldn't understand how it was possible. According to her record my daughter hadn't taken any treatment for this condition from their facility. When I told my pediatrician what had happened, she was surprised.
We are overwhelmed with joy and finally our daughter was saved from a catastrophic illness with the blessings of Dr. Devi Nambudripad' NAET® on elimination of allergy-related illness, lupus arthritis. Now Nithya is a four year old happy child and a living testimony of NAET®. We have no words to express our thankfullness and happiness to Dr. Devi, Dr. Mala and her staff at Pain Clinic. Copies of the laboratory reports dated 2/11/2000 showing her ANA as 2.3H, 6/27/2000 ANA as 3.4H, 8/15/2001 ANA as 7.4H, 10/5/2001 ANA showing 1.6H (after NAET® treatments) are attached with this testimony as a proof of what we have stated above.
With our indebtedness and utmost thanks,

Ravi & Sathi Menon., Irvine
December 31, 2001


Dear Marilyn,
Thank you for giving me my life back. It's been twelve years since we had an exterminator spray our home with toxic pesticides. My body began reacting to all chemicals - I was"environmentally ill." After moving from Chicago to Taos, New Mexico seven years ago, my health improved 60%. 1 avoided all man-made chemicals, ate only organic foods and lived a very careful lifestyle.
We recently moved to Albuquerque and I had a difficult time adjusting to our twelve year-old home - it wasn't my"adobe safe house." After treating me for the air inside and outside my house with Nambudripad's Allergy Eelimination Treatments, my whole body relaxed and I was myself again. I can sleep in a carpeted bedroom again! In fact, I was better than I had been in twelve years! I felt lighter, calmer and more focused. Amazing!
With each successive NAET® treatment, I keep getting better. I am excited about the future and the opportunity to really live life again.

Thank you, with love,
Louise Swartwalter, NM

Allergy Relief, Finally!

I am a super fair-skinned, green-eyed, redhead who has had environmental allergies all my life. I had gone through all the"usual" allopathic tests and treatments over the years to no avail. While I was allergic to such things as tree bark, etc., no food allergies had ever been identified. I clearly remember, years ago, when I had to go off my meds for three days,"to be able to get good readings for more scratch tests"—I went into anaphalactic reactions and had to be rushed to the Emergency Room—before the three days were even up. At that point the allergist told me NEVER to go off the meds to get more tests! Guess I scared him as badly as I did myself. So, despite aggravating my asthma, I have had to live on three or more 50 mgs doses of Benadryl for years. Talk about "dragging" myself through life. In the past two years I really got very toxic and was having severe allergic reactions to all kinds of new things that I could not identify/avoid—despite taking the Benadryl, etc. The past 8 months it got so bad that weekly I was having episodes of my eyes being so swollen that I could not see to drive. Sometimes it was one eye, sometimes the other eye, and sometimes both eyes. Then on other occasions, my lips and mouth would swell so badly, I looked like I had been beaten up—after having nothing more than water to eat/drink. Finally it got so bad that, in addition to the sporadic swelling in my eyes and face, almost every day I developed hives, bigger than the palms of my hand, ALL over my body. From scalp to arms, legs, torso and soles of my feet. I was miserable with unbearable itching and felt and looked like a monster. I also had black and blue marks everywhere from unintentional scratching during my restless, semi-sleeping nights. During both May and July I ended up being rushed in for emergency treatments for anaphalactic reactions, because my throat suddenly swelled so badly that I could not breath. Since I regularly travel on international business, I was terrified of being on a long flight when something like this might occur with no warning. When I went to work in Italy for the month of June, I carried TWO Epi-Pens,"just in case" I needed to do a self-injection of epinephrine. To confuse matters even more, I continued to get all of these allergic reactions, no matter where I traveled in the country or world. I also do medical-technical writing for inclusion in Peer Review Journals, the National Library of Medicine and Unified Medical Language System, etc. My good friend Dr. Gary Erkfritz, of Thousand Oaks, CA brought Dr. Devi's work and NAET® to my attention. I read her research results with much interest. She and I were able to work together to develop NAET®-specific insurance billing codes and get them included into a new system that is currently before the Federal Government. In July, after presenting at the NAET® Symposium, I stayed on in California and was diagnosed with about 37 severe food allergies. I went through the"basic ten" with Mala. I had some"reactions" that Mala addressed immediately, but nothing so severe as the previous breathing difficulties and swelling of my face. After completing 10 treatments, I still got hives on several occasions during the first two weeks. But, I was thrilled, that they were then only dime-sized, and not nearly so many. During the following weeks, even those episodes
spaced out significantly. Now it has been over three weeks since I have had any allergy symptoms at all! And it is also over three weeks since I have had to take any Benadryl OR use my asthma inhaler. It feels so good to not be all drugged out on anti-histamines, for the first time in at least 25 years. Another"side-effect" is that the swelling in my joints is now so minimal, all my rings are too big. Also, due to severe arthritis in my hips, for the last 10 years I would have to change sleeping positions at least every 30 minutes, because I would ache so badly. Now, I am only being awakened every 2-3 HOURS! Finally, some restful sleep!

A funny story. I have never been diagnosed as being allergic to dogs, (cat dander, YES!) and have had them as pets for years. I never even broke out when one licked me, etc. either. That was until I got my wonderful golden lab, Beau about 5 years ago! Whenever he would touch my skin with his nose, or heaven forbid, actually lick me, I would break out in a giant hive wherever he touched. None of my former canine friends nor my other dog, Siagi, provoked this reaction. Yet with Beau, I got gigantic hives, every single time, despite immediately washing with soap and water. So, while I was not even treated for his saliva, another very pleasant"side-effect" to the basic ten treatments is I am no longer allergic to whatever was in his spit. I leave at the end of this week to work in Poland and the UK for a month. It is the first time in years that I am not very nervous about the trip and being out of the country for an extended period of time. While I WILL carry my inhaler and Epi-pen with me, I feel certain I will not have to use either. Many, many, many thanks to Drs. Devi and Mala, Mohan and Janna!

Judy Lee, CPM, RM


NAET® is one treatment that not only eliminates the illness but also determines what really causes it. For me, Dr. Devi Nambudripad definitely opened a whole new world of the real allergy elimination, thereby giving much hope for all generations to come.
I'm Carol Sy. My first encounter with NAET® was in 1995 here in the Philippines. After consulting Millet Ting, a trained NAET® practitioner here in Manila, I never thought that I would be facing a battle with my problem. All I was concerned about NAET® was to determine what was causing my cold allergy and further eradicate it from my system. I also had frequent backaches and dysmenorrhea. It took quite some time for me to understand and take the treatment seriously until the time I realized that I was setting myself free from all my allergies.
In 1997, after 6 months of marriage and failing to get pregnant, my husband and I decided to seek medical help. In this course, we found out that I had endometriosis, which according to the doctor was the reason why I couldn't get pregnant.
At once I went to see Millet again and she told me she can treat my endometriosis. We decided that I was to treat my endometriosis with NAET® and would undergo laparoscopy to remove the cysts. I had laparoscopy in March of 1998 to speed up the process. Then I went back to continue my treatments with NAET®, this time doing a lot of combinations under uterus and hormones.
At the same time, I was still consulting my OB-GYN. She performed artificial insemination but it failed. This time, she told me that it was the low sperm count of my husband that became the problem. Frustrated, I decided to stop seeking medical help. I was already getting a lot of stress and pressure. I felt that the western medicine can't give me a direct answer to what was causing my problem and a guarantee of success for my treatments.
In June 1999, I went to the U.S. and had the chance to meet Dr. Devi Nambudripad in her clinic. She repeated my treatment of hormones and gave me medicines to strengthen my uterus. Confidently, she told me that I could get pregnant after 6 months. I went back to Manila and set aside what Dr. Devi had told me. Determined to get pregnant, we went back to my ob-gyne in November and we already considered I.V.F. (in-vitro fertilization) to be performed in Belgium. I have given up hope to get pregnant the natural way. December came, we started preparing the requirements for the process. All this time I was praying hard that I still wanted to get pregnant the natural way. I thought it would be just another year.
January 2000, my menstruation was delayed. It was the moment I have been waiting for. I was already pregnant! Counting back the months, I realized it was exactly six months after my consultation with Dr. Devi.

I am now a mother to a 3-month healthy baby boy. I could say that my life would never have been this happy and fulfilled without NAET®. Since childhood, I had been to lot of doctors, but only getting relief and not releasing me from my allergies. I was somehow confident that NAET® was leading me to the right way. And truly it was! Forever will I be grateful to Dr. Devi for having found the solution and the cure to most unanswered health questions.

Carol Sy

Dear Dr. Nambudripad,

This message is a testimonial for my cure through your method. Following your advice (included below), Dr. Hayhoe paid special attention to the emotional side. I also went for a few sessions of therapy with a psychiatrist. The treatment Dr. Hayhoe devised for me consisted in working with the brain and cranial nerves vials, in combination with treatment of emotion at each session. After a couple of month, my blockage to foods disappeared. We had not worked on food vials, but when Dr. Hayhoe checked me for them, I was ok with everything. There are still a few sensitivities that bother me but not to a high extent. Thinking that when I started I could not even drink water, the progress I've seen in those two months was amazing. I would like to thank you, for your research in this domain, and to my naturopath doctor, for helping me back to life.

Virginia Hill

Dear Dr. Denton,

I having been meaning to write you a quick note concerning my son Benjamin. As you know Ben is nine years old and is in the 3rd Grade.
Since Kindergarden the teachers have told us that Ben had attention
problems. We even noticed at home his difficulties in concentrating,
anger management, and basic problem solving issues. We did our best to help him, but to no avail. This past year at school, his problems came to a head. He was in 3rd grade, but still reading at a 1st grade level.

The School Principal called a meeting with us concerning Ben's School Issues. At the meeting the Principal, School Psychiatrist, and other teachers tried to convince us to place Ben on Ritalin. We were very upset, and refused. I explained to them that I would pull Ben out and Home School him before we placed him on this medication.

Because of my battles with overcoming CFS (of which I am 90% cured), we decided to bring Ben into your clinic. Dr. Mary Minor saw Ben and we started him on a supplement regime. Although this seemed to help a little, it was not enough. We started Ben on the Basic Ten NAET® Treatments as well as some focusing on Food additives, Brain Function, etc. We still have additional NAET®s to do, but these first ones seemed to spark a light in Ben's mind. We also read a lot of information on Hypoglycemia, which is an inherited problem in my family, and we felt Ben may have been dealing with this hidden issue as well. By Christmas 2000 we began to see a change in Ben. After Ben went back to school in January he started to be excited about learning. Ben was reading by himself before he went to bed at night (which he never did). He started writing stories about fishing and hunting (which he never did). His anger issues have 90% improved. His attention issues have 80% improved. And his ability to problem solve is 90% better. We are still on the road to recovery for Ben, but it is the right road. The drug free road. The road that allows me as a parent to sleep at night, and to stop worrying about my son. Ben is now graded at the upper end of 2nd Grade Reading (in just 3 months). He is doing multiplication, division, and fractions. He solves problems quickly, and his outlook on life is much brighter. We are continuing to keep Ben on the Hypoglycenia Diet, Supplements, and NAET®s. I know from my own experience that one thing often does not work by itself. A combination of therapies often need to be used to help an individual regain their God Given Life and Health.
I do not know what to say, but thank you. I believe that God gives us challenges in our lives for a reason. Maybe he allowed me to go through my battles with CFS in order to be more open to helping Benjamin. It is possible that I may have agreed to put Ben on Ritalin if I had not gone through the issues of my own health. Please pass on my thanks to your staff.


David W. Merrill


My name is Sara Elayat and I have a very interesting story about my
health to share with you.

A 72-year-old female, I have suffered from early morning headaches for the past three months. I often woke up with a right sided headache in the morning. Headache got relieved after I moved around for a while. I did not have to take any medication for the headache. I also noticed that my head felt heavy and slightly achy if I took a nap in the afternoon in my bedroom. So I began taking the naps in the family room and I had no ill affects from the afternoon naps. I saw my internist for the same problem three months ago and was examined by him and he found every test normal except for my diabetes. I suffered from diabetes for the past six years and took Glucophage and Glizipizide before meals. In spite of taking the medication faithfully, my fasting sugar remained around 200-250 mgs/dl., for the past six years. But three months ago my fasting sugar increased and remained above 250/dl. My internist was puzzled and increased the amount of medications and put me on a very strict diet consisting of no salt, no sugar, no fat and a high protein diet. I also suffered from flu-like symptoms for the past three months off and on; I took antibiotics twice during the three months for repeated fever, cough and mild bronchitis associated with my flu-like symptoms. No one could give me an answer as to the cause of my strange sudden illnesses.
On Tuesday, February 13th, 2001, I woke up at about 1:00 am with a severe headache on the right side and back of the head radiating to the top of the head, abdominal bloating, and nausea. I began vomiting yellowish clear liquids by 5:00 am and in a few more minutes began having projectile vomiting (vomited about 7 times). I became extremely weak from continuous vomiting and finally the vomiting stopped. Tired and weary I slept for a couple of hours. Waking up at about 10:00 am I noticed that I couldn't get up from the bed. I felt weakness of my whole right side (arm, hand and fingers, body, thigh, leg, and toes). It was hard to sit or stand up on my own. I suddenly felt a coldness pass through my right side and following that my right hand and right leg, right side of the face, neck and head became numb. My daughter was
standing near me. My speech became slurred. My daughter thought I had a mild stroke while I was still lying in bed talking to her.
I was taken to the hospital immediately and admitted to the special care unit right away.
In the hospital my symptoms got worse. By the afternoon (three hours after reaching the hospital), I could no longer move the right side of my body on my own. My speech was not legible to anyone and I felt my words were trapped inside my throat. I was also told that I had redness and mild rashes over my right arm, face and neck. I struggled to get air into my lungs. My blood pressure was 234/111 mm hg. Pulse 101/min. Blood sugar was 260 mgs/dl.
I felt a ball sitting in my throat. I couldn't swallow even the saliva properly. I began drooling. By then not only my right side but whole body felt heavy. Sudden fear rushed through my heart. Did I have a real stroke? Am I going to be bedridden and crippled forever? From then on I couldn't control my tears.
In the hospital, they gave me intravenous liquids; I was given oxygen. They ran all diagnostic tests on me: CAT scan, MRI, ultrasound, various blood studies, etc., etc. Then came the nurse and nurse assistants. They inserted a catheter since I couldn't urinate on my own. Next day my doctor came and gave me the news that I was afraid of all along:
"You had a stroke. Two small arteries have been damaged in your brain," he said. You will be kept in this room until your present condition gets stabilized. Your blood pressure and blood sugar are very high. After you are stabilized you will be sent to a rehabilitation unit where you will be kept until you get well.
"I can't move, doctor; can't you make my hands and leg move?" I tried to say to him but my words didn't come out of my throat. I felt like choking. Hot tear-beads streamed down both my cheeks. Helplessly, I lay there staring at his face. My mind kept reminding me"No use, you lost the war." I felt like I was losing begin to function again." He said I had two small lacunar artery infarcts in my left basal ganglia.
Next six days, my blood sugar and blood pressure did not regulate nor reduce from the original reading in spite of medications. Insulin was administered intramuscularly three times a day before meals with no effect. I continued to get frontal headaches and insomnia. Right side of the entire body remained numb and weak. The medication they gave me did not help me to sleep.
At that time my daughter (who is a faithful follower of NAET®) realized that I was allergic to every hospital food I was eating and the water I was drinking. She immediately removed the hospital water and food and brought nonallergic water and food from home. She also brought my NAET® practitioner to the hospital. She gave me a treatment for a sample of combined food I ate in the hospital. She also gave me an acupuncture treatment in the hospital bed behind closed doors three times a day each session lasting for 45 minutes. As soon as I began using acupuncture treatments, NAET® for the foods I ate, began using non-allergic foods and drinks, my blood pressure dropped to180/90 mm hg in 24 hours. And my blood sugar dropped to 250 mgs/dl. My speech was still slurred. My weakness of the right side continued. I was able to move my right toe slightly. I had no sensation anywhere on my right side. I was breathing easily and the oxygen therapy was discontinued. Doctor announced that my condition was better. On the sixth day, my doctor decided to move me to a rehabilitation unit for a few weeks. But at my family's request I was sent home with the prescription to continue medications, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other assistance.
I was carried to my room on a structure. I couldn't move or get up on my own. My right side was still numb and weak. My speech was still slurred.
In the house, my treatment plan was slightly changed. I continued all the prescription medications. My NAET® doctor gave me acupuncture treatments. Needles were inserted on the right side of the scalp, shoulder, arm, thigh, leg, fingers and toes and all major acupuncture points. I had no sensation at all on my right side. Acupuncture was given to me three times a day. At the end of the eighth day ( first day of my extensive acupuncture treatment at home), I began having funny sensation (like restless leg) on my right arm and leg.
My NAET® practitioner also discovered the cause of my stroke. And it was found that an allergy to a particular wall to wall wooden (oak) cabinet in my master bedroom was the cause of my stroke. She discovered that I was reacting to this wooden cabinet severely for the past three months. This cabinet had the repulsive electro-magnetic energy of ‘20' feet distance with my body. On further investigation, it was revealed that this cabinet was installed in my room six years ago (about the time my diabetes began). Three months ago I rearranged my bed from a further distance to closer proximity to the said wooden cabinet (from a 20 feet distance to about a two feet distance). When my bed was 20 feet away from the cabinet, my diabetes was somewhat under control. It began rising and remained high since three months after I moved my bed closer to the cabinet. My sugar did not drop below 250mg/dl. By QRT it was also found that I was reacting to the wooden cabinet at different organs, meridians and levels.
QRT revealed that I needed 45 NAET® treatments, one every waking hour. Then 45 NAET® treatments every ten minutes. NAET® treatment for the wooden cabinet was started on me every waking hour right away on the sixth day.
By the end of 9th day, after 24 NAET® treatments, my fingers and toes began to move and by the evening my hands and legs began moving. My speech cleared. My fasting sugar dropped to 185 mgs/dl; my blood pressure dropped to 140/90 mm hg.
On tenth day I sat up on my own and was able to use the potty chair. I was also able to take one step with assistance. Next day, blood pressure stabilized at about 130/84 mm hg. Fasting blood sugar was 150 mgs/dl. I was able to sit up on my own and chew food and eat normally.
It took four days to complete 90 NAET® treatments for the wood. By the end of the 10th day (4th day of the NAET® treatments for wood shavings from my cabinet) 80 % of mobility of my arms, legs and body returned and I was able to walk using a walker in the room.
On 11th day I was able to walk without assistance and able to climb one step with assistance.
Acupuncture Prescription:
Acupuncture three times a day for 6 hours at a time for 7 days
I began taking a giant leap in my recovery.
I was also given these following Chinese herbal support to clean my circulation along with my prescription medication.
Cardiac support 1X3 to strengthen the circulation; Cardioplus1X3 to strengthen the heart tissue; Stroke support 1X3 to help dissolve the blood clots if there was any, and to improve circulation; Thyroid support 1X3: to improve the thyroid function; Gall bladder support 1X3.
Since I was treated for the basic ten a year before my stroke, my NAET® practitioner could find the trouble makers and treat them immediately without losing time on the basic ten allergens.
I was given NAET® treatments on all these following items:
BBF, individual organs, DNA, RNA, blood, circulation, artery mix, internal carotid artery, external carotid artery, vein mix, brachial plexus, cervical plexus, blood clot, and plaque. I received hourly treatments for Wood shavings plus BBF from my cabinet 45 times, and then every ten minutes 45 times, for a total of 90 NAET® treatments on wood shavings alone. I was told by Dr. Devi that since I had tissue damage (infarct) in my two arteries in the brain it took 90 NAET® treatments to stimulate the production of appropriate enzyme to help repair the damage and dissolve the clot. She explained that if we create the right situation and provide the right ingredients to the body, body can heal anything by itself, including"a stroke."
A sample of my daily food was collected and treated before bedtime. A sample of early morning urine was also treated once a day. Supplements and medications were tested for possible allergies before taking them. Massage oils, soaps, clothes, tooth paste, tooth brush, mouth wash, tap water, toilette paper, were tested before use and some of them were found to be allergic and I was treated for them.
On fourteenth day after the stroke I was able to walk on my own to my doctor's office for an appointment (instead of using a wheelchair) without assistance. He almost fell off his chair when he saw me. I was able to sign my name with my right hand; I was able to take care of my daily needs like using the restroom, brushing my teeth, showering with assistance, holding spoons and forks in my right hand, etc. My blood sugar was taken by him and the test was normal. After six long years my fasting blood sugar was 9o mgs/dl.
I am so happy that Dr. Devi discovered NAET® and I was able to get the benefit when I needed the most.

Analysiing My Condition

Now when I think back with this new knowledge of NAET®, a lot of my unanswered questions are being answered.
I was considered fairly healthy all my life. I g my mind too.
"Please do not cry," he said."Crying is going to put your progress two steps backward." There was a pause.
" You have to rest now" he added,"Your therapies will begin in a couple of days, then your body will

never suffered from aches, pains, arthritis, indigestion, or any usual health disorders one commonly sees in people. I never even used to get common colds or flu's. But suddenly I became diabetic in April of 1994, twenty days after my husband passed away. We had been married for 50 years and of course, it was a shock to see him go in a few minutes so suddenly without any warning. We were living at my son's house at that time. Every morning at about 6:00 AM, my husband would wake up and have his morning tea with our son Bob before he left for work. Then he would return to bed for another snooze. That was his normal routine. One morning he had his morning tea with Bob and returned to bed as usual; in less than five minutes I found him gasping lying next to me in the bed. Bob hadn't left the house yet and I called him to his side immediately and called emergency help (911); by the time paramedics arrived, he was gone.
Twenty days after this incident I was diagnosed as having Type II diabetes. Everyone including my doctors thought the cause of my diabetes was emotional. It was hard for me to believe it. I am a very rational person and not an unusually emotional person. My husband was 82 when he passed on. We lived together for 50 years. I missed him terribly, but I knew the hard fact that we all have to die some day, especially, when we get old. I didn't expect him to live forever. Our children were all grown up and we were blessed with many grandchildren. We had done our part and we were ready to face the natural course of life any time. But everyone including my internist agreed that the sadness and sudden shock brought on my diabetes. I didn't have any history of diabetes in the family. I was placed on lots of medications to control my sugar. I didn't have any diabetic symptoms. My sugar level remained high in spite of all medications. It was a puzzle for my doctors. I was placed on a special diet. I exercised regularly and took all the prescription medications faithfully. I watched the calories and ingredients of the food source and cooked very carefully. I ate home cooked vegetarian meals only. I ate sugar-free, fat-free, salt-free and taste-free food for the past six years. In spite of all the precautions, my blood sugar did not come down. My serum blood glucose level remained around 250-300 mg/dl with 10 points up or down every now and then. Otherwise it was quite steady at"300."
Since November of 2000, I began having repeated health problems (like flu, arthritis, sinus problems, headaches, insomnia, leg cramps, restless leg syndrome, etc). These health problems started after I returned from my European pleasure trip. Then I began waking up with a right-sided headache every morning. My whole right side felt heavy for a few minutes after waking up. But my headaches got relieved after I moved around a bit. I never had to take any pain medication to get free from the headaches. I only used the bedroom at night just to sleep. During the day I spent my time in other parts of the house, cooking, watching soaps on television, talking on the phone to my children, reading, etc.
But after my husband's demise I moved into my daughter's newly remodeled house. My room had this wall-to-wall huge oak cabinet. My bed was put on the opposite side of the cabinet near the wall. I was reacting to the wood on the cabinet from 20 feet away. My bed was about 15 feet from the wall. According to my NAET® practitioner, my spleen and pancreas were reacting with that wood from 15 feet away. I was diagnosed diabetic a week after I began living in that room.
After I returned from Europe, with my house-maid's help, I rearranged the room, putting the bed about two feet away from the cabinet. I rearranged my room on the morning of October 30th, 2000. That afternoon, I suffered from a headache that lasted for an hour or so. That night about 2:00 AM, I woke up with a fever of 102 degree Fahrenheit, stuffy nose, chest congestion, body ache and continued my cold symptoms through the next day. Because of my sudden ill-health, I didn't go to the Hallowen party I was planning to attend at my son's house. Following that first flu attack, many minor health problems began creeping in and I suffered from fatigue, frequent flu-like symptoms, paresthesia of the right side of my body, abdominal fullness, bloating, insomnia, dizziness, sensation of fullness in the ear, poor vision, occasional pins and needles in my right sole, cold feet, neuroma under the ball of right foot, wake up in the night between 12-2:00 am with cold limbs, numbness in the hands and feet (mainly on the right side), etc, for the past three months until I got the stroke. I saw my doctor a few times for the same problems during the past three months. My doctors thought I caught a bug from Europe and gave me antibiotics when I continued with my cough with expectoration and repeated chest congestion. But I thought it was due to lowering of my immune system due to old age.
Now my NAET® practitioner solved the mystery for me. She had a different explanation to my strange sudden health problems.
Causes of my problems according to NAET® evaluation was as follows:
After my husband's demise when I moved into my daughter's newly remodeled house, my bed located on the opposite side of the cabinet about 15 feet away from the wall. My electromagnetic energy was found to be reacting negatively with the electromagnetic energy of the wooden cabinet from 20 feet away. Dr. Devi tested and found that my spleen and pancreas were repelling electromagnetically 15 feet away from that cabinet. According to Chinese theory, energy disturbances in the spleen could cause diabetes. I was diagnosed diabetic a week after I began living in that room.
The energy of my liver and gall bladder reacted three feet away from the cabinet. My bed was placed within two feet from the wall cabinet for the last three months. According to her, the symptoms I suffered since November were due to the energy disturbances in the liver and gall bladder meridians brought on by the allergy to the said wood cabinet.
As I write this, it is exactly three months after my stroke. I continue with all herbal support and vitamin and mineral supplements. I receive acupuncturetreatments twice a week for 45 minutes each time. I check every items before using and clear the allergy when needed.
I have recovered 95%. My right hand hasn't regained the energy completely. I can lift 1 gallon of milk with my right hand easily. But lifting more than that is not easy yet. My fasting blood sugar has remained around 80-90 mgs/dl. My blood pressure is 120/60 mm of hg. My cholesterol is 180 mgs/dl. I sleep very well. I have no more restless leg syndrome. My feet are warm. I don't get any pins and needles sensations on the right side of my body anymore. My neuroma on the ball of my right foot disappeared. I can cook my meals and do necessary shopping on my own. I still stay in the same room and my bed is still lying close to the cabinet. The wood cabinet hasn't bothered me. I don't wake up with headaches anymore. Generally I am feeling better than before my stroke. My latest MRI a week ago showed that my problem is resolved nicely. Thank You, Devi, Mala, Thank you NAET®.

My NAET® Practitioner:
Mala Moosad, L.Ac., R.N.
Buena Park, CA/ (714) 523-8900

No Means Of Hope

(A Patient's Testimonial)
By Dikran, Ph.D.
Several years after my divorce in 1971, I started becoming aware of my intolerance to man - made fragrances and some foods. As I became increasingly more allergic to fragrances, environmental toxins and foods, I also became hypoglycemic. At times my blood sugar dropped to 40 – near coma level. I went to my doctors but found no help (one MD told me to simply eat sugar, to which by the way, I was highly allergic) until I found Dr. Erlander 7 years after my divorce. With Erlander's help, I got over some of my food allergies and my blood sugar normalized. But no matter how many times I did his cyclical diet over the next 2 decades, I couldn't get over my brain / body allergy symptoms to inhalants, e.g. forced air heat, A/C and especially to man - made fragrances. In fact my reactions to them got worse and worse. From time to time I tried other doctors and alternative treatments but none of them helped or worked.

Sunk in despair – no means of repair
At the end of my rope –
in the absence of hope

Nambudripad Basic Treatments
On June 14, 2000 I started allergy elimination treatments with Dr. Devi Nambudripad and her sister, Mala Moosad. How I happened to find them is an amazing, life saving, "miraculous" story which I tell in the epilogue of my book,"From Stress To Grace." In one month and five days, after the 8th basic treatment (Mineral mix) by Mala, my severe symptoms from taking a shower in the daytime (similar to my symptoms from smelling perfumes) disappeared from a 10 to a 0 and my ice cold extremities were cold no more. After 45 treatments by Mala, other symptoms, e.g., severe headaches at the back of the neck from fabrics I wore (I had a tailor change all the synthetic threads in my shirt and coat collars to avoid the headaches – very expensive) evaporated and my allergy reactions to fragrances reduced from 10 to an 8.
On 09-18-00 Dr. Devi Treated Me Specifically For Perfumes After She Read My Letter.
Excerpts from my letter in which I listed many potential causes of my allergies follow."Immediately after one whiff of a man-made fragrance, my brain and body go catatonic, and each cell in my body feels as if it was beaten up by a baseball bat leaving me barely able to move, think or remember for up to 24 hours. I recover only after a long sleep in my environmentally safe home. Symptoms occur only when I breathe through the nostrils. When I breathe through my mouth only, I'm OK. Over time, I've learned to pack my nostrils with tissue before I step out of my environmentally safe home made of all natural materials. Otherwise – I'm gone.
Many other allergy symptoms plague me, but my reactions to fragrances are totally debilitating and painful. That's why, I want to eliminate them ASAP.
Clue: Until I cleared the mineral mix—the 8th basic treatment –I got similar symptoms from taking a shower in the daytime as I get from perfumes. After I cleared mineral mix, I no longer got any symptoms from a shower at any time. Though I still react to man - made fragrances, the reactions have reduced from a 10 to an 8."

A Sensitizing Event
After reading my paper and doing NTT and MRT, Dr. Devi found an emotional cause of my allergies to perfumes that started at age 29. I was with my first wife from ages 29 to 33 during which time I experienced my nerves pinching me while in conflict with and rejecting her. This created"Blocks" in my nerve or energy circuits, which altered my energy (Altered energy equals allergy). In those conflicts and rejections, my brain associated my pinched nerves and rejection of her with her man - made fragrances and the food I was eating at the time. Thus my brain, nerve and immune system sensitized to set up a rejection (Altered reaction) of fragrances and foods. I started smoking marijuana for the first time at age 32.

A Following Sensitizing Event
Within a year after my divorce—around age 34, I experienced my first Post Romantic Stress Disorder (PRSD). I listed this event in the letter to Dr. Devi and told her that I had received in a Subud testing that my allergies started with this PRSD experience. Prior to my letter to Devi, Mala did several emotional treatments in connection with this event, which began to clear it. Around the time of this breakup, I had smoked marijuana lased with angel dust 3 times.

My Brain allergy Symptoms to
On 9/18/00, Dr. Devi did a combination treatment of emotions and perfume mix; then told me that I could gradually expose myself to perfumes and I didn't have to pack my nostrils. Shortly thereafter, my reactions to fragrances reduced from an 8 to a 6.
On 9/20/00, Mala treated me for 15 different fragrances that I had collected from neighbors and Beverly Hills Stores. I experienced yet a further reduction in my reactions to fragrances. On 9/22/00, Mala treated me for Skunk (Many perfumes are made with skunk oil). Mala treated me seven more times with combinations: perfumes and vials of skunk, brain, hypothalamus, pineal, olive oil, histidine, histamine, neurotransmitters, brain 1, 2, and 6, norepinephrine, and hormones. After fourteen combination treatments for fragrances—one from Devi, thirteen from Mala and doing my homework treatments for fragrances—my reactions to man - made fragrances are now miraculously down to a 2 or less.
It is Dr. Devi's and also my clinical psychotherapeutic experience that a problem can be eliminated if it is treated physically, chemically, mentally and psychologically in connection with its source. So it is of great importance to find the origin of the problem. If the problem has been chronic, it is necessary to treat all the basics and a good number of allergens on Nambudripad's list in order to strengthen the body before treating the source.
Being a universal reactor with multiple allergies, the cause of my allergies are also multiple. An early cause, I believe, from ages 0-3 was talcum powder, more so, its chemical fragrance. Upon finding most of the sources of my allergies-physical, nutritional/chemical and emotional—and clearing them, I strongly believe I'll be mostly allergy free.
Mala had found and cleared some of the emotional origins, which I refer to as sensitizing events while doing the regular treatments and clearing of the allergens on the list. This process strengthened me more and more. We also treated my allergies to fragrances with different combinations from time to time along the way.
In my letter to Devi I said that between the ages of 32 and 39, I used marijuana frequently, angel dust three or four times, LSD about three times and cocaine twice. Dr. Devi found an emotional origin at age 29, at the time I met my first wife.
In an effort to more fully understand the dynamics that caused my allergies, on 11/22/00 I asked Mala to test again to find how old I was when major allergies triggered. She got 35.
I had learned to do NTT. On 11/23/00, I tested and also found that one origin of my allergies triggered at age 35. Of the 3 categories – physical, physiological/chemical/ nutritional and emotional, I found that the cause at age 35 was chemical/nutritional. I then recalled all I could of my chemical abuses around age 35. After eliminating food, water, etc., etc., I went through all the drugs I used. I arrived at LSD as the foremost chemical origin or triggering event and the colon as the organ it affected most. NAET® theory holds that emotions may be held in the colon. Marijuana, angel dust and cocaine were a close second. I believe that the LSD intensified and expanded the sadness of the breakup I described as the second sensitizing event into full blown, agonizing, long lasting PRSD.

Mala's test 2 days later confirmed that the cause at age 35 was chemical—LSD. On 11/25/00 Mala treated me for LSD only—so that the LSD treatment would apply to my entire body. On 11/27/00 she treated me for LSD and brain. Mala said I was very allergic to this combination. I asked her how she knew. She said,"The treatment hurt my hand." I responded,"This is the first time I felt the treatment sting my back on one certain point—most unusual." It was the first time something like this had happened in my 70 treatments. She told me to home-treat LSD with colon the next day. We also treated LSD in combo with brain and perfumes. Next we treated marijuana and cocaine individually, then in various combinations.

My LSD Experience
I remember explaining my LSD experience to friends this way:"I felt an expansion of energy within myself, an inner, pressing intensity that expanded and built and built, carrying me to a level up, a higher plateau. This expansion continued from level to higher level, intensity to higher intensity, plateau to higher plateau step by step for what seemed like forever. It went on and on as if I were expanding inwardly something like the universe does. Each expansion felt as if everything in me were being stretched to the breaking point and if expanded any further, boundaries between me and everything else would disappear. I wondered if it would end." Well, now I know it didn't because it altered my energies.

Altered Energy

Was my experience an expansion of consciousness; oneness with the Father Jesus talked about or oneness with the universe that gurus talk about? Some LSD enthusiasts say so. Was it altered consciousness and altered energy? More probably. What are altered energies? They are allergies. As Dr. Devi points out, our word"allergy" comes from two Greek words, allos, which translated means altered and ergion, which translated means energy. Dr. Von Pirquet, in 1906, put the words altered and energy together thus coining the word allergy. Drugs boost the activity of the brain chemical dopamine which generates the sensation of pleasure. The more dopamine the more dopey, the more addicted to high levels of pleasure and the more etched are the altered circuits of the brain.

Altered energy is caused either by a kink, pinch or twist in the nerve, or an overflow of energy out of the nerve circuits or both (some circuits blocked and some overflowing). a kink, pinch or twist in the nerve acts as a block, dam, hindrance or stagnation in the body's energy circuits. an overflow is the energy slowing out of its circuit, not going to where it's intended. either or both produce imbalance and asymmetry within the brain and body, i.e., energy gets altered and they go out of balance. altered energies, imbalance and asymmetry keep one healthy. naet® resets the brain to pre-drug or pre-trauma, e.g., pre-religious/cult or emotional/ psychological alteration, i.e., it reopens, reconnects, stimulates, and keeps the flow in the circuits.

My first marijuana experience (combined with cathected emotions and sex)

My first use of marijuana in 1971—while my first wife and i were living in Las vegas—gave me the sensation that all the cells in my body were breaking Apart and in very great pain. I remember my brain reacting very badly to the smell. My brain felt whacked, horrible, really terrible. But being highly motivated, i Tried a second and then a third time. Each time, my reaction was the same. On the Fourth attempt, i got high.

Yes, i was stupid!! Why did i keep trying when it made me feel so bad? My wife and I were sparked up in a ménage a trois with a very sexy, attractive woman And we all smoked marijuana each of the frequent times we got together over a span Of about six months. We all got emotionally high on the experience but later, my Wife became jealous and hostile. In addition, my gambling gave me extreme emotional Highs and lows. One time i stayed up gambling 3 days and 3 nights straight, lost All the money i had plus incurred deep debts. Deeply distressed, the thought of Suicide crossed my mind. Luckily it didn't stay. I am now receiving naet® Emotional treatments for money and gambling.

Looking back, i have no doubt that mj whacked my brain, nerves, immune system and Cells—an original major allergic reaction. At the same time i was smelling Mj, i was also smelling other fragrances around me such as my first wife's And our sex partner's perfumes, skin lotions, hair sprays and etc. My brain Associated their man-made fragrances and didn't differentiate them from the Obnoxious smell of mj while i was in an intensely cathected emotional/sexual state. This combination of mj, perfumes, other fragrances and highly charged sex set up A template in my brain, nerves, immune system and cells for future major reactions To similar smells and emotions. For the past 25 years, inhalants, such as perfumes, Cigarette smoke, fabric softeners and numerous other smells bring on the same major Allergy reactions as did the original mj reaction.

The same combination of highly charged emotional/sex, mj, fragrances and the depressing Low of losing my money in the gold market were the ingredients of my first prsd About one year later. Extremes in emotion spell illness and allergy.

A marijuana story

This is a story of the first significant experience i had in the subud latihan. Latihan means spiritual training. Prior to my starting the subud latihan, i had Smoked grass from time to time for 7 years and was still smoking when i first started Doing the latihan. After latihan one evening, a helper, herbert taylor, who was A professor of mathematics at usc, asked me if i would like to do a test regarding Marijuana. I said"sure." five helpers formed a circle around me and One asked,"may dikran receive what the effect of marijuana and all drugs Are on his inner self." i was in a quiet, relaxed state and my eyes were closed.

Immediately something in me, an inner eye, observed my mind go on a beautiful trip Under the influence of grass, i flashed on the movie,"2001." my inner Eye saw my mind going on a trip through space, through a time warp, in a space ship, Seeing beautiful colors and hearing wonderful music. I saw myself in a sexual ménage A trois with my first wife and a beautiful girl friend and i was thinking,"wow, This is a beautiful trip." after the first terrible three, i always had beautiful Trips under grass. Then my inner eye and the light that was doing the seeing shifted To my inner self and i saw that the core of my being under the influence of marijuana Was charcoal black, blacker than i had ever seen. I immediately thought,"aha, Marijuana is putting my mind on a beautiful space odyssey and sex trip, but it is Blacking out my inner self and i can see that i am not my mind. I am my inner self And my inner self, under grass, is blacked out, blacker than the ace of spades." And then i opened my eyes.

One of the helpers asked me what I received and told him what I described above. He said he received something similar. From that day on, I've never smoked grass even though a friend that I was very close to at that time, J. A., who was quite a legend in Marina Del Rey, wanted me to get high with him when we got together. I wasn't tempted or interested because I had seen and was inwardly convinced that marijuana blacks out the soul, the light, life and health of the inner self.

Sometime after my original insight, I experimented with putting a different spin on my original interpretation of the blackness of my inner self and said to myself, "Solomon said that God dwells in the deep darkness." Possibly the blackness of my inner core was God. Therefore marijuana is good." But I knew it was only a spin and that my original understanding and interpretation of my original perception was right. Over the past 20 years, I've received many other insights and revelations through which I have grown.

My Angel Dust Experience

Angel dust is a hallucinogen. I smoked MJ laced with Angel Dust three times during sensitizing event aroud age 34. Angel dust and LSD intensified, expanded and chemically charged my already sexually/emotionally charged state creating a PSRD energy template, as it were, which set me up for two additional PRSD's down the line, over the following 30 years.

The third, the physical trauma mentioned above, caused blockage and overflow and compounded the second. Altogether, they constituted a physical/structural, chemical and emotional/sexual triple whammy, creating imbalance and asymmetry. The combination of the physical, chemical and emotional/sexual overstresses acted as a triple whammy -- the old 1,2,3.

The fourth sensitizing event or whammy was I consumed an enormous quantity of junk foods during the above three sensitizing events. Junk food alone can alter energies and cause allergies. The fifth sensitizing event or whammy was I moved to Marina Del Rey where I was exposed to new environmental toxins such as benzene from oil derricks, mold, mildew, fog and dampness, 1,2,3,4,5 and you're out.

Dr. Erlander commuted my ever worsening allergies death sentence to life in prison (I was restricted to an environmentally safe home, natural materials, foods and clothes and had to pack my nostrils with tissue when I went out). Yet, I wasn't safe even in my own home. One waft of fabric softener, charcoal barbecue smoke or fragrance through my window or door would knock me out for the count. Dr. Nambudripad pardoned me. Now I am free (Relatively allergy free), healthier, happier and hopeful at last.

For 30 years I was both on death row and a lifer. In the 30th year, I knew the absence of hope. In just 5 months with Dr. Nambudripad, I am free at last, healthier, clearer, lighter, more energetic and full of hope. If you've suffered and have had the good luck to get out of it through NAET®, You know how happy I am.

Thank you Devi and Mala. I am ever in debt to NAET® for giving me a second chance to live normal once again! I am now a certified NAET® practitioner.


My 20 year old Colitis

I have had inhalant allergies all my life as did my father and unfortunately my sons. The NAET® system of therapy found that in addition, I had many food allergies some of which were my favorite foods.

I proceeded to follow the recommended course and treat for food allergies before the environmental ones. After approximately 12 of the food allergy treatments I volunteered the information that I have had an intermittent colitis for 20 years characterized by abdominal cramps and intermittent diarrhea. Of course I had many diagnostic tests to determine the cause of my colitis including X-ray and colonoscopy and several serological tests. No one could find a cause or any pathology. Mala, Dr. Nambudripad's associate discovered through kinesiology that the cause of my colitis occured in the year of my internship.

I was asked to place my right fist on my forehead and think about what might have happened during that year while I was receiving the NAET® treatment. My father developed Hodgkin's disease and passed away during my internship. I thought that I had resolved any emotion that was attached to his death but to my surprise the discovery of the emotional attachment to my colon caused a 10 to 15 minutes convulsive like seizure of my abdomen during the NAET® treatment and my eyes became teary as I began to recall his death. Later that day and thereafter, my colitis symptoms disappeared and have not returned in two years. I am very grateful to NAET® therapy for the complete elimination of my long standing"psychosomatic" illness, especially, because the cure was so easy to effect.

Gordon R. A. Fishman M.D
Newport Beach, CA

NAET® Success Story
Fungus & Crohn's disease

I have Crohn's disease which increases the incidence of colon cancer many many times. I knew I had fungus in my body. After seeing a medical researcher demonstrate how cancer in a petrie dish would not grow in the presence of fungus, I had no interest in an NAET® treatment to rid my body of fungus. A personal decision to possibly prevent colon cancer.

But the fungus was bothering me more and more. I talked to Mala about the situation. She said I could do the fungus treatment and follow with the NAET® cancer treatment. She mentioned that in school they had looked at the intestine of a Crohn's patient, and it had been black with fungus.

So we did the treatment for fungus. During the week following this treatment I had no usual feeling of improvement and indeed was feeling much worse. I couldn't handle stress, I came down with a virus which I couldn't successfully self treat with NAET®, which was an unusual occurrence, and my right leg had developed a new pain and soreness inside my upper thigh which I knew I had not physically caused by any kind of calamity.

The next week for treatment I told Mala what was going on and I asked her to muscle test for cancer in my body. The muscle test revealed cancer in the large and small intestine and my right leg. She did the cancer treatment.

I have never in my life experienced such immediate relief from any previous NAET® treatment. It was amazing! After the 20 minutes of holding the vial, the dizziness associated with the virus was no longer bothering me.

After 25 hours the virus was gone and so was the pain in my upper thigh below the pelvic region. I was feeling wonderful. My first clue to how much better my immune system responded to this treatment was my next trip to the grocery store. Recently, there were only one or two brands of bottled water I could drink. In testing many different bottled waters that day, just the opposite occurred. This time I couldn't find any bottled water adverse to my immune system, a complete reversal of the norm! I couldn't believe it. I could buy any brand of bottled water I wanted. I had quite a change in my immune system since contaminated drinking water had been my biggest concern and in the recent past, drinking it had the most deleterious consequences for my body.

I went home and began testing the things around me that I knew always gave back an allergic response. Nothing did.

I couldn't find anything I was allergic to anymore. Several weeks went by and one day I exercised harder and longer than I had since my illness in 1997. The next day I felt poorly and urinating caused discomfort from the build up before going. I began testing all my vials. I tested the things around me. I wasn't allergic to any of them.

I was becoming upset that my sense of well being was gone and I couldn't discover what was causing it. Then I had a sudden inspiration and tested my own urine. I was allergic to it. I self treated the urine and started feeling fine again. I repeated the heavy exercise and it happened again. My body was detoxing on its own. I couldn't believe it!

Thank you Mala, Dr. Devi, and Dr. Minkoff So much for helping me revive this innate ability of my body to detoxify impurities again.

I am going to be concentrating now on my intestine so it can assist the rest of my body's detoxifying process. I believe that once my intestine is detoxifying too, I can do the NAET® treatment for heavy metals including mercury, and if needed, do the Melafree detox program as well.

Cathy Carlson

Ten months ago I injured my shoulder when I was lifting with my trainer. Over the course of the following nine months, I tried a multitude of things to heal my shoulder, including massage, chiropractic, and a topical homeopathic cream, Traumeel. My trainer was also very conscientious not to irritate my injury with any exercise that would cause any shoulder pain. Not only did the above endeavors fail, my shoulder continued to have less and less mobility.
After going through the first five NAET® treatments, you tested me for acrylic nails. Wow!!! I tested a definite yes for the nails causing my shoulder impingement!!! Little did I expect such amazing results so quickly after my acrylic treatment. Within two weeks I had fifty percent mobility in my shoulder. Within four weeks I am at ninety-five percent improved.

My trainer is amazed at the fast improvement. Especially, since he had to baby my shoulder during my workouts for nine months. Then, all of a sudden, within this last month we are now actually building my shoulder back up to what it was prior to my injury.
My continued education regarding wellness has answered my question of:"Did I injure my shoulder because of lifting too heavy of weight, or, did I injure my shoulder due to my allergy to my acrylic nails?" Obviously, the NAET® works!!!
My intentions have always been to be healthy and happy. Thank you for your part in fulfilling my happy, healthy lifestyle!!!

- Affectionately
Julie Feld
Dr. Marilyn Chernoff
Albuquerque, New Mexico

To Dr. Devi

I have suffered with food allergies, airborne allergies as well as reactions to various medications throughout my life. I have been on two series of allergy shots over the past 20 years. I also went thru an elimination diet for 6 weeks to determine food allergies... some 20 years ago.

As a patient of DeZavala Chiropractic Treatment Center, I have experienced many improved changes in my body because they use correct methods described in the NAET® workbook. They were clear up front that the process takes time and dedication in order to be effective. I have been going through the process for the past 6 weeks and recognize the benefits to following the technical procedures. Dr. Ward Peterson and his wife, Pat use great care in helping people treat and clear for the various substances in the NAET® workbook. I can tell a difference already because NAET® is being used correctly in the clinic and I have also been very disciplined in following the plan described for each substance (i.e. foods to not eat or touch and foods that I can eat) regarding the 25 hours after being treated.

I also have a friend who has had health problems that she never realized were "allergy-based." She has had to redo several substances, but has found out just how ill her body was becoming because of her "allergy" to Vitamin C. Thanks to NAET® and Ward and Pat Peterson, she has become more aware of her body and what her body tells her concerning her health. She also has described better health since beginning NAET® about 6 weeks ago (8 treatments).

I thought your letter discussing altered NAET® methods being used by some other practitioners was direct and to the point. I was also grateful because you let everyone involved in NAET® know that such techniques are not NAET® nor are they considered appropriate in trying to help people become healthy. Thank you for your prompt response to such false use of NAET®. It is not a magical cure, but a technique that if used correctly can truly benefit the health of the person taking the time and commitment to follow the NAET® method. Thank you for your life study of such methods, for developing it for people to use in order to be healthier and for making sure that the NAET® methods are used correctly.

- Debbie Hildebrandt

I would like to state for the record that I have been helped enormously by Dr.Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET®). In fact, I would go as far as to say that it has virtually given me my life back. I doubt very much that the person who wrote the article in Quackwatch has had any personal experience with NAET®. I was at a point in my life when the future looked very grim because the quality of my life was hugely compromised by the severe reactions I used to experience after eating. I went through a CAT Scan and also a MIBG scan to rule out a pheochromocytoma since my symptoms mimicked those of a pheo. Doctors of traditional medicine refused to acknowledge that my symptoms could be caused by allergies. I read a few posts on the hypo mailing list by people who had been helped by Dr.Devi.Nambudripad. I wrote to her and mentioned my symptoms. She wrote back acknowledging that they could be caused my allergies. She said that she would be able to help me and that I would feel better. I travelled across the globe to be treated at her clinic and I can honestly say that NAET® has made a world of difference to the quality of my life. I have absolutely no stake financial or otherwise in writing this. I'm sure that for one article in Quackwatch, one could produce several testimonials from patients who have been greatly helped by NAET®.

I'm sorry this post has been so long. I am addressing this to the list because I have been one of the main people to mention NAET® and to recommend it to others on the list who feel that their hypoglycemia is a result of food allergies.

- Meher

I have had eczema since I was 2 days old. My mother died in childbirth and so I was given cow's milk to which I was very allergic. I was allergic to lactose and milk protein called casein.

Over the years, I have gone to doctors all over the country. I would itch so badly I would have to change my clothes several times a day because of the blood stains. In the old days it was black tar ointments which would also stain my skin and clothes and benadryl and parabenzamine, which made me groggy.

Once when I was 6 years old I went into a public swimming pool and all the mothers took their children out of the pool. I felt like a leper. I got out of the pool and they went back in. I tried again; the same thing happened.

I did allergy testing and received shots for over 30 years, with many different doctors, and nothing helped. When cortisone came out ? it was a miracle! My skin cleared completely and I felt wonderful, but soon I was to gain over 40 pounds, got moon faced, a hump on my back, and who knows what it did to my insides. That was in the 50's. I got the cortisone pills under control but still was dependent on cortisone ointment every day, supplemented with shots or pills when I just couldn't stand it.

I have gone to environmental health clinics and stayed in a porcelain trailer for months. The restrictions on my life were horrible. It was an artificial, unreal world. And it didn't work either. When I got off the plane, I had to go get a cortisone shot. I gave myself 21 shots a day and after a month gave that up because I got worse.

I tried elimination and rotation diets which are difficult and make you feel so restricted, as you watch every one else eat all those wonderful foods. At a dark restaurant, I accidentally put a baby tomato in my mouth. Even though I took it out I got just a squirt, and it immediately gave me an extreme reaction.

Finally a doctor in New Mexico told me to go see Dr. Devi Nambudripad. Here she was only a half hour from my home! When I came to her my skin was broken out from head to toe. The air hurt my skin so I kept covered up as much as possible. My skin was so inflamed, dry and parched; my face felt like the Sahara Desert. It hurt to smile. I would get what I call an internal sunburn. I would be red and hot, especially my face, and then it would be dry and flaky and peel just like from a sunburn. That's how I felt externally but internally it was lousy too. I felt complete exhaustion from the allergy attacks and just plain icky and achy inside.

The first thing Dr. Devi had to do was clear me for every type of clothing because I was allergic to every fabric. I had always known I couldn't get near silk or wool but didn't realize I was even allergic to unbleached cotton. (When I was five years old I had the measles and they put silk pamajas on me. I nearly died. It was my father's wedding night, and they spent the night at the hospital with me.)

I used to get hypoglycemic reactions, especially, if I went without eating for a while. When Dr. Devi treated me for sugar, my body began releasing candida into the skin. I had severe outbreak of eczema and itching. I also began feeling dizzy. Dr. Devi treated me for sugar, candida albicans, candida mix, yeast mix , alcohol and my own blood, first each of them alone, then different combination of all these. I was treated for all the basics before she decided to treat for these combinations. That did it. Now I am 66 old. My skin is almost completely clear. I eat everything. Occasionally I'll have a reaction. Dr. Devi is a gifted detective in finding out what is causing the reaction of the moment. She treats it, and the relief is incredible and instant. There are even times when I can figure out what is causing the problem and I can treat it myself by massaging my acupressure points as Dr. has taught all of us (her patients), and it works to my amazement.

I don't feel restricted and I'm not taking medication and NO CORTISONE! I'm feeling great most of the time. I cannot thank Dr. Devi for developing this technique and above all sharing with all of us, so that we too can have a life in this world (66 years I suffered ...but because of Dr. Devi and her NAET®, I will not have to suffer from my allergies again).

Dr. Devi gives of her energy, time, and undivided attention. She is a caring, loving, compassionate doctor and indeed a great healer. Thank you God, for leading me to Dr. Devi and through her giving me Freedom to Live Again!

- Pam Burns, L.A.

I'm writing to let you know how pleased I am by the results of your examination and NAET® treatment on my son, Nick, on August 10 through 14, 1998. My son had been diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactive disorder and was taking Ritalin by prescription from his pediatrician. The Ritalin was not producing the results that I had desired, so, in a desperate attempt to help him, I sought out and turned to a natural method. I had also observed that he did not react well to processed sugar. Specifically, I observed that within 20-30 minutes of drinking soda or eating candy, he became excessively energetic and was unable to focus on any thing for more than a few minutes. As you recall, I brought him to you for examination and testing with regards to these problems.

On August 12th, you tested him for allergies to sugar and discovered a strong allergy to sugar... up to a distance of more than five feet! I was present during the testing and personally witnessed the results. If I understood correctly, your test also indicated that his brain was producing too much energy. You performed the NAET® procedure which, I'm told, is designed to clear allergies from the body. I was present before and after the procedure. I was not allowed to stand in the same room while he was being treated to avoid the interference with his magnetic field. After his treatment we waited in his office for the next 20 minutes, then my son was asked to wash his hands with plain water to remove the energy of the sugar from his hands. My son had to abstain from sugar in any form for 25 hours after the procedure was finished in order for it to work. All foods containing sugar, including packaged food, fruit, etc., were put away in closed cabinets, and I followed a list of permitted foods for his diet for the next 25 hours. He was allowed to eat white rice, vegetables, chicken, eggs, vegetable oil, and salt. And he was allowed to drink water. Honestly, Doctort, it wasn't easy, but we survived the 25 hours. And now? Well, without any hesitation, I am ecstatic with the results! The day after the procedure was finished for the sugar, my son ate three sweet rolls at church- the kind with the white sugary icing on top. I was completely amazed: he remained completely calm. If this had been two weeks earlier, that much sugar would have left him bouncing like a rubber ball! One of our church members even commented on how "Subdued" nick had been during the service. She asked if he was tired. I explained to her what we had done at your office. She was a bit surprised, After all, this was the first time she had heard about the NAET® procedure. Nevertheless, she said, "Well, it works! So who am I to doubt it?". Doctor, I can't thank you enough. Since that day in Church, I have seen many more instances to corroborate the results of the NAET®. The bottom line: Nick is no longer allergic to sugar! thank you for the tiny miracle that has made a huge impact on one boy's life. Thankfully yours.

- Happy Mom

In a letter written to Carolyn Reuben, L.Ac., Donna Smith writes:
I first came to you because I had severe heel spurs, so painful I could hardly walk, every step was excruciating. I had seen a podiatrist and was given heel cushions and was told by him that my ONLY other option was SURGERY. I was considering it, even though I had been toldby other co-suffers that "they would just come back." But what other option did I have? I couldn't go on this way. I tried wearing Birkenstocks insoles and other expensive correctional shoes. I tried a RIFE machine, Reiki healing, as well as several different foot soak remedies, all with little or no improvement. Then one day, Katie, one of my co-workers, said that she had been to see you, after being referred by one of her friends that had been "miraculously cured." Katie said after only one treatment, her heel spurs had been relieved by half.

I was skeptical, to say the least. But, I was also so very desperate. I was willing, at this point, to try anything. I didn't waste another moment, I called your office right away and set up my first appointment. I can't say my pain was reduced by half after the first visit, but the next day I took that dreaded first step of the morning for the first time in weeks without tears coming to my eyes. I was SO thrilled, that something was FINALLY helping!

I am happy to report that my spurs are now completely GONE! If that wasn't enough... I was told that you could also ELIMINATE my many other allergies! What a shock, I had never heard of such a thing. But hey, what the heck, I was willing to give it a try. I am so delighted that I did! So far we have eliminated my allergy to eggs, chicken, dairy, grains, gluten, sugar, shellfish, metal, whey, alcohol, and more. Some of which I didn't even know I was allergic to, I had no idea that they were what was making me feel bad.

As a child, I loved eggs, but for over 23 years I had to deny myself one of my favorite foods because my body suddenly, just overnight, stopped processing them and they made me sick every time I'd eat them. Now whenever I eat eggs, I still get a little excited because the "magic" hasn't worn off. It's hard for me to believe that I'm an egg eater again!

I have a large selection of earrings but was forced to stop wearing them for at least the last 5 years because within an hour my earlobes would be so painfully swollen, red and inflamed, it just wasn't worth it. I'm successfully wearing earrings again!

I couldn't even remember the taste of shellfish or wine, it had been so long since I remembered enjoying them. I am happy to say I have successfully had my first prawns and first glass of wine and couldn't be more delighted.

I truly hadn't realized just how much all of my allergies controlled me and my life. The constant paranoia of eating something that may contain an ingredient that I can't eat, having to ask "what's in it" whenever I'm offered anything, and the anxiety of trying something new was so powerful that I often just didn't, because I was too afraid of the possible consequences.

I have been in for about a dozen treatments, so far, and I cannot believe the incredible difference they have made in my life. I am a NEW woman!

My friends says "it's so good to have YOU back" but I don't even remember EVER feeling this good! I feel like I'm living in a "new &improved" body.

Thank you Carolyn, you and your incredible NAET® healing techniques have made such a HUGE improvement in my daily living, I just can't sing your praises loud enough. I tell everyone I know about you and hope everyone who has allergies or allergy related problems will be inspired to take that first step in their own healing process.

Besides "modern medicine," there are many different healing modalities out there to try, some that works for one may not work for another, I'm so happy I found the one that works for me!

- Donna Smith

On January 19, 1999, I received lab test results that confirmed my deepest fear. My breast cancer had returned to several spots on my spine. My back was in constant pain and I required several prescription pain pills to make it through the day. A blood test with a breast cancer marker CA27-29 was 53. Anything above the number 35 was above normal. My oncology team at The University of Michigan Medical Center recommended radiation and Tamoxofin. My back was radiated for several weeks in February. I went on an oral daily dose of Tamoxofin. Chemotherapy is not as effective when there is cancer in the bone.

Two years ago, I endured 9 months of high dose chemo, a mastectomy, and 4 weeks of radiation to my chest wall where there was the original cancer. There was no lymph node involvement, so I thought there would be no recurrence.

In April of 1999, a MRI showed that the cancer had spread to new spots on my spine. A blood test measuring breast cancer tumor marker CA27-29 showed that it had risen to 214. My oncology team wanted to start me on high dose chemo. They stopped the Tamoxofin since it wasn't helping me at all. The future looked very bleak. I dreaded the thought of more chemo treatments.

For two years I have been seeing a NAET® practitioner in Ann Arbor, Dr. Sue Anderson, and have cleared many allergies. Conventional medicine did not slow the cancer and the chemo and radiation treatments would impair my immune system. With Dr. Devi's guidance and Dr. Sue Anderson's help, I embraced NAET® to clear my body of allergic reactions to cancer. Devi recommended diet changes. I ate fish, brown rice, raw vegetables and vegetable juices. I was advised to avoid meat, sugar and grains. According to NAET® testing, I was allergic to my blood and my breast cancer. I was taught how to do self -NAET® treatments. I spent 10 hours a dayself treating. (Self-treating acupressure points are given in page 58, in the book "Living Pain Free" by Devi Nambudripad and available from or at the NAET®.website.) Another blood test drawn on May 4, 1999 showed my CA27-29 level to be at an all time high of 252. I was not too discouraged because my back pain was lessening and I was able to get off the prescription pain medication, even though my cancer marker raised in the blood. Dr. Devi's interpretation was: cancer cells are losing the fight with my body's cancer-fighting cells. My previously weakened immune system was boosted up with NAET® to the highest level possible and now my immune system was well equipped to fight my worst enemy-my cancer!

My immune system was very low before I started NAET®, that's why I wasn't responding with previous line of treatment. Dr. Devi thought, if I was treated with NAET® and boosted up my immune system first, chemotherapy, radiation, tamoxofin, all could have helped my body to destroy the cancer. Having a strong immune system is the key to fight any autoimmune disorders like cancer. If you have no energy, how can you fight your enemy? I understand her theory and from my experience, I can see how true it is! I continued the diet and the intense self treatment schedule. I also saw Dr. Sue Anderson twice a week. The more allergies I cleared, the stronger my body felt. Every week, I went to the lab to draw my blood. The lab was kind enough to give me a small purple-top test tube with fresh blood to take home. I kept the tube in the refrigerator and self-treated holding the blood sample and my cancer sample (my cancer tissue from my previous surgery) for ten minutes every hour during the day. The following week a new blood marker test was drawn. My CA27-29 was 210. On May 18th, my CA27-29 level dropped to 178. The next week, my CA27-29 dropped to 152. On May 28th it had dropped to 144.

Pain was tolerable now and I was able to resume exercise. I am an artist. I wasn't able to do my art work for a long while now due to pain. In June I resumed my art (painting). It felt very good doing my normal things again! There was hope in my life.

According to Dr. Devi's suggestion, I started a herbal regime on May 18th with Tony Paytas, of Warren, Michigan. She thought, immune boosting herbs will help the body to maintain my immune system at high level and the cancer cells will never get active again. My tumor markers have dropped throughout the summer. My daily schedule still involves two hours of NAET® self treating. My oncologist, Dr. Theodore Lawrence, M.D., Chief of Radiation Oncology at The University of Michigan Medical Center, is extremely pleased with my progress. During my last visit with him, he said with a smile: Roseann, whatever you are doing, its working. I am very happy with the progress. Continue whatever you are doing...don't stop it.

NAET® offered me a way to get well. Thank you Dr. Devi!

- Roseann Hebeler Brown

May I request you to put this letter in the NARF newsletter? This is my letter describing how NAET® helped me clear my body's reaction to stage 4 breast cancer. I know you don't like to talk about treating cancer with NAET® since you said, you have not treated hundreds of cancer patients yet. Nobody has discovered 100% cure for cancer anyway. Any news is better than no news, especially if someone is stuck the way I was. If we have a positive result, I feel we need to share it with the rest of the world. May be one more person could benefit from such line of information. NARF newsletter is read by thousands. Someone among your readers might benefit from my story. It was wonderful to finally meet you last month. You have been a pivotal person in my quest to be healthy.

- Roseann

This is a letter to let you know how much you have helped me in the last 5 months. Before I came to you, I had suffered an exhaustive collapse in December and by April had still not been able to recover enough to allow me to do anything except work and sleep. When I was tested for food allergies, the only one I wasn't allergic to was carrots. I wasn't aware of food allergies prior to that test, with minor exceptions, but I did know that I was allergic to many perfumes, plastics, latex, chemical and petroleum fumes.

As per your direction, I started with the basic 10 treatments. Your reasoning was logical to wait to do the major allergies until the immune system was stronger. I noticed some effects during the 25 hour allergen avoidance period for the first several treatments, but was bedridden for the sugar treatment. I was told that it was a major item at the treatment time, but didn't believe it. I also reacted to an emotion after the sugar treatment. After the basic ten, I chose to treat for the perfume chemicals. After the 25 hour avoidance period on Thursday, I went back to work Friday morning; I hurt very badly and nothing I did gave any relief. Fortunately, you were giving a seminar that Saturday, so I was able to come in and have you check me. The treatment for the perfume chemicals held, but I was reacting to four items: hypothalamus (an organ in the center of the brain), brain, formaldehyde, and alcohol. You were able to treat only the hypothalamus that day and the other three on subsequent visits. With the hypothalamus treatment, you taught me to treat myself at home since I could not avoid an internal organ. The day I was to treat for formaldehyde, you had installed new carpet. Just walking in the front door caused a pain like someone stabbed me in the temple, but you treated me for the formaldehyde and treated for an emotion. A bonus was the carpet glue treatment. When I went to work after the formaldehyde treatment, the whole building smelled different. I could then tolerate the document printing department without holding my breath or breathing through my handkerchief. We treated the perfume smells next and now I can walk into perfume "trails"or someone's office without getting immediate headaches. At some point after the formaldehyde treatment, I realized that when I laid down on my bed, I started getting achy all over. I tested myself for the pillow, the bed and the bedding. I tested allergic to the pillow (latex foam), the bed (which has foam in the mattress), and the nylon binding on the blanket. At this time I also tested myself for my shoes, socks, and other clothes. I confirmed that I was allergic to rubber and nylon, and added rayon to the list. I treated myself for the pillow and this cleared the allergy to everything with rubber I had tested positive for. I have also treated myself for banana and fig.

After the perfume treatment, we were discussing what to treat next and came up with petroleum products as a major allergy and on your guidance, we started treating more basic items. We were following this treatment course. After making potato salad, I thought I was reacting to the potato, but upon discussion and testing, you determined I had a larger allergy to Whiten-all ( a chemical used to keep food from turning brown during processing) so we treated for it, then potaoes. I must have been reacting to the Whiten-all for a week since I had eaten french fries a week earlier and no restaurant food in between.

Shopping caused severe reactions prior to starting treatment, so I didn't go into stores, but had started going more as I have been feeling better. I would limit the trip based on when I started reacting. I went shopping and stayed too long and since your office was closed, went to my Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) practitioner where she said that my pituitary gland and hypothalamus were not balanced, causing digestive problems. When I mentioned this to you, you decided to treat for nerves and then for plastics. While in the office for this treatment, people were talking about Water Dept. having added fluorine gas to the water and that filters would not remove it. I have determined that I was being affected by that as well and have treated myself for that.

In recent discussions with other practitioners and friends who have known me well for several years, it is obvious that other people are seeing tremendous difference in my health. My CRA practitioner indicated during a recent evaluation that I was much healthier than I had been prior to starting your treatments. She has records of measurements she has taken throughout my treatment with her to substantiate those statements. Many of my friends have commented that I seem to be much healthier, as well. I am very happy with the results of your treatments to date. I am still reacting to items that have not been treated, but my recovery from those bouts is much faster than it was previously. I don't know how many more allergens I will need to clear before I can live without reacting to something on a weekly basis, but I look forward to that time. At least I have found the tool to clear them with.

- Louis J. Strothman
Buena Park, CA

In a letter to Linda Miyoshi, L.Ac, Bethesda, Maryland 20814, Sue Ann writes:
I am writing to give you an update on Marcy since we last saw you. As you know, I have been bringing Marcy to see you since the end of July this year to receive NAET® treatment for the alleviation of her symptoms due to cystic fibrosis. Marcy has had sparse pseudomonas bacterial growth in her lungs since August of 1998 ( last year). She has had mild cough and phlegm in the back of her throat as a result of the excess mucus production due to pseudomonas.

We entered a new territory by treating her for pseudomonas with NAET® and strengthening her lungs with acupressure based on the NAET® system. Well, after only a few sessions with you, I was thrilled when Marcy's throat culture, taken at the end of August, came back negative, indicating that the pseudomonas was gone. Shortly after the culture results, Marcy's cough was gone as well. The last three weeks have been very exciting and promising for us. Marcy's doctor, a pediatric pulmonologist specializing in Cystic Fibrosis, said Marcy had a 50/50 chance of completely getting rid of the pseudomonas; we always knew it was possible and now we are so happy to experience this tremendous sense of relief.

Thank you Linda, for your willingness to work with children, to learn and try new ways of treatment and for being a part of Marcy's healing process. Marcy and I are looking forward to seeing you soon and continuing our wonderful treatment. I know she has a long way to go before she can conquer all her allergies. But now I have hope that she is going to be a normal child when she completes her treatment program.

- Sue Ann

My twenty-month-old daughter Olivia has never stood or walked alone. At six months of age, she had surgery on both feet for a condition known as Vertical Talus. Her feet healed nicely and on schedule from the operation.

Upon a check up visit to the surgeon, I expressed my concern that my daughter wasn't standing alone or walking. The doctor examined her and told me he didn't see a physical reason for this delay and referred her to a neurologist who would test her nerve endings.

Having been familiar with NAET® for a couple of years, I took Olivia to Dr. Prince for treatment. After hearing of her surgery which required anesthesia, Olivia was tested and found allergic to anesthesia. She was treated for this on Friday afternoon. That night Olivia stood alone for the first time. Two days later she was walking alone.

My husband and I are convinced the anesthesia allergy is the reason for Olivia's delayed walking skills. We're so grateful to Dr. Devi Nambudripad for developing this technique and sharing it with the world.

Karen Hyatt
Monroe, North Carolina

Tanya was four months old when she began to have eczema that covered her body. Her skin would crack, bleed and get infected. We noticed it would get worse and the itching progressed when we were out of doors. Doctors gave us many creams to try and we got no results from them. We heard of NAET® from a friend and gave it a try. It was really amazing to see her get treated for environmental things such as sunlight, heat, grass, etc. Her skin slowly healed and only a small spot on her thumb bothers her sometimes versus her entire body.

- Tanya Wilber
North Carolina

As a small child, our son Andrew was sickly. He had tubes surgically inserted in his ears at age 4. Soon afterward he developed problems when he ate foods containing milk or chocolate. Andrew threw up his food, then was ravenously hungry afterward. Sometimes Andrew would suffer excruciating headaches as well.

After many NAET® treatments, Andrew began to improve. He was treated for the Basic 10 allergies, grains, chocolate, Caffeine, milk, cheese, meat mix, heat, amino acids, leather and with many combinations.

Now Andrew is a healthy thirteen-year-old teenager, suffering an occasional headache instead of several headaches per week. I am cooking with regular milk now instead of rice milk and Andrew seems to tolerate it well.

Thank you, Dr. Devi, for your unfailing enthusiasm, which is apparent in your book, Say Good-bye to Illness. I know many families such as ours will be able to eat and function normally.

- Karen Hyatt
Monroe, North Carolina

On August 18, 1999, I knew I was blessed. Earlier in the month my best friend in Atlanta, Georgia called to tell me about NAET®. She had been undergoing NAET® treatment and had noticed a great change. After having prayed for guidance, I found Dr. Marilyn Chernoff on the net (www.NAET®.com - practitioner locator site). I had actually made an appointment with another practitioner in Santa Fe, but cancelled that appointment after speaking with Dr. Chernoff.

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease at age two, and had suffered all my life with poor digestion, swelling and pain in the abdomen, depression, and fatigue. As an adult I also suffered from asthma, which I realized after many years, was "Grain" specific. Two months before meeting Dr. Chernoff I had eliminated all grains from my diet. I did however indulge on occasion and the consequences were immediate asthma.

What I did not expect was to be cleared of so many other maladies. On my first visit we discussed my chronic fatigue, forgetfulness, incontinence, hypoglycemia, swelling and pain in the abdomen. Everything was equally troubling me. I could not pinpoint one problem as being the most disabling one. I wanted to be cured from all. She did a series of NAET® muscle testing on me and decided to address the issue of incontinence. With her testing skills, she determined that the incontinence had been caused by botulism. She stated that at some time in my life I had gotten very sick and had assumed it was the flu when in fact it was food poisoning. I easily remembered that my incontinence started when I was pregnant with my son 19 years ago. I had become violently ill. The incontinence started just after his birth and increased in frequency over the years.

Doctors had told me that this was a consequence of birth. I had literally taken to wearing only black jeans so that I could change easily after a mishap. Girl clothes were a nightmare and on the occasions when I had to wear professional clothes for work, I walked fast and prayed, a lot...

One treatment proved the cure. I have not had an incident since that first day. After that treatment she continued with my basics then, she treated me for kidney; which turned out, were a major deterrent to my well-being. I had been wearing magnetic insoles in my shoes because I suffered from swelling in my ankles and calves.

After the second treatment, my ankles no longer swelled. My calves still swelled somewhat, but I was able to wear a short sexy dress and remain feeling sexy till after midnight. This I have to tell you first. My ankles have swelled since the late 60's. Guess who hated short dresses in those days.

All my life I had suffered from constipation. I virtually lived on laxatives. I never had a solid stool and just accepted this as a way of life. Five years ago a colonoscopy revealed that I had the colon of "an 80 year old man". (The doctor could have at least said an 80 year old woman). By the way I was 45 at the time. Needless to say this did not make me happy. Dr. Chernoff found the root cause, treated me and like magic my stool have been solid ever since. I still take a laxative, but only one herbal, and I no longer have any problem.

When she treated me for "Strep and fungus" she was able to clear my chronic bronchitis and I have not yet succumbed to any colds or flu. For about 25 hours after the treatment I felt as if someone had given me a frontal lobotomy. I walked around like a zombie. I could feel the treatment lift after the 25 hours and I had a great surge of energy.

In 1977, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. The doctor stated at that time that it was the worst case he had ever seen. At it's very highest my blood sugar stayed just below 100. I felt fairly good when on occasion my sugar would hit 90, but the ups and downs were difficult and I was always tired. My blood sugar controlled my vision and I never knew when my vision would turn to a blur.

My last two treatments addressed this problem and although the actual sugar treatment made me worse till I could see Dr. Chernoff one week later, the treatment for my actual hypoglycemia has given me a renewed sense of energy, joy and balance. I now eat because I am hungry, not because I am crashing.

I am sitting here working through the treatment for my salt allergy. And my next treatment is grains, (finally). You have no idea how excited I am to have reached this point.

Thank you NAET® and thank you Dr. Chernoff for giving my life back to me. We still have a little way to go but I would shout from the rooftops and sing your praises. Matter of fact, I have done that. Did I mention that I am an Insurance Adjuster handling Workers' Compensation? I have recently referred a worker to Dr. Chernoff for severe ulna neuropathy. She had a very unsuccessful surgery on her right arm due to what the physician described as pre-keloid disease. She had developed a very painful hypertrophic scar and was seeking something alternative to surgery for the pain in her left arm. Dr. Chernoff did two treatments and the worker is completely pain free. As a matter of fact she has since brought her mother to see Dr. Chernoff. I guess that is a testimonial to alternative health care. Workers' Compensation recognizes alternative health care. Now if only my health insurance would become aware of the health benefit and savings the NAET® system of treatment provides!

I am going to tell you another story, just because it too is a miracle. My boyfriend suffered from back pain for 20 years. He too is an insurance adjuster and ex-Navy pilot. I tell you this so that you understand that, unlike myself, he is not into "New Age" and he saw a big difference in me, but still remained skeptical. His pain was chronic and severe, encompassing his cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. The first treatment addressed the heart and with that his lumbar pain disappeared. The second treatment addressed mercury and with that his thoracic and cervical pain became almost nonexistent. He never actually comprehended his level of pain before the treatment, he just knew he hurt all the time and felt he just had to live with it. It wasn't until after the treatment that he understood how much pain he had been living with. One day after having driven for 15 hours, he showed signs of being uncomfortable. Concerned, I asked if his pain was back. He stated "a little." I then asked him what it used to be. It was only then that I found out that he had lived and functioned at a pain level of "nine."

Thank you Dr. Chernoff for giving us back our lives. We still have work to do, but never have I found anything that has worked so well. This is not magic. This is not faith healing. This is a matter of treat, wait and watch. This is real medicine. Any questions, please call me.

- Virginia Stair

"I thought you would enjoy reading this as I had asked you questions regarding our Doctor and his procedures. I had to write and tell you this stuff is really working! I'm so excited! Today (my son) did sugar, #5 on the list, as you may remember. The changes seem profound. He said, "I think it's working mom. I'm happy all the time and I don't feel hypersensitive, I don't even care when my football coach yells at me and I can remember all the plays!" What else? He runs backwards, he thinks I'm nicer to him (I think I'm the same but his perception has changed) and he has the patience to fix the cup holder in the car that is always popping out. That used to frustrate him. Oh yeah, and we go for ice cream all the time! I think I'm happier too. I caught myself exclaiming something like, "I'm having so much fun," and I wasn't doing anything except walking across the dining room. I should post this to the boards but I don't know if I'm signed up. I wish I could cure everybody's kid with this. Thank you again for helping."

- Paula

"I feel great, thanks to you. Yesterday, Friday, 8/25 like a little kid with a new toy, I had to try out any food containing lactose to test myself. I had my opportunity at the San Diego Zoo -- I had a small portion of ice cream. Then the countdown began, from 20 minutes. Then 19, 18, 17, 16, and so on. Zero - nothing. I had no reaction!! I waited another 20 minutes. Still, no reaction. So I had a little more ice cream. One hour, two hours, three hours later, still no reaction. Amazing!! Later on for dinner I had some milk chocolate. Still no reaction! NAET® is the best thing that's happened to me. I feel like I have a Renewed Life! With much appreciation."

- Tom Moy

"Your methods have saved my fiancé's life! He was intubated (tube down his throat) and on a breathing machine in the Intensive Care Unit 3 times in 3 months. He almost died. The doctors said they are amazed he's alive after an O2 saturation of 32%. Since receiving 10 NAET® treatments from 2 practitioners, he is now totally free of allergies, asthma, and medications for 10 months now. Your methods are a true miracle. Steve and I are so grateful he's alive. NAET® is a blessing and a truly divinely guided miracle. I am an RN at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ, and I promoted your methods there. The medical profession could benefit from these breakthroughs, and the one person it could help the most is the patient! I believe in this work 110% and would love to learn these techniques. Back to school I go. Because of my fiancé's miraculous recovery we want everyone to know about your work. Thanks"

-Terye and Steve Bagnall

"My son (age 12) has tremendous behavior problems, all of which (I believe) are associated with allergies. His symptoms since age 4 have been shiny eyes and oppositional, defiant behavior. His behavior was only present when his eyes were shiny, and I could track the shiny eyes to food allergies every time! Now since his TX to hydrogenated oil, & then to Game Boy, I know beyond any doubt that this is true. He had strong behavioral reactions for 24 hours after these were treated. He has been diagnosed with ADD, OCD, & suicidal depression. His life has been most difficult..... Today he was treated for an emotional blockage to any order/direction given by any authority figure. He felt angry, wanted to use inappropriate language, and felt like he didn't belong.) Last week Jeremy was treated for his allergy to me, his mother. It was the worst one yet affecting his brain on all three levels. Next was humidity, also affecting his brain. He has had 4 allergens now which affected his brain. I understand that is a bit unusual. His behavior is improving, though now more allergies are surfacing, and continue to cause him behavior problems. Next TX will be for animal dander - we live on a farm. I suspect he is also sensitive to his father. There have been two emotional blockages also, I suspect there may be more. The list seems endless! I just can hardly wait for the behaviors to subside. He sees a Psychiatrist, who doesn't "buy into" the NAET® theory. She isn't negative, but discounts NAET® because there is no "scientific proof". When I talk about his allergy to me, she gets a tiny smile which tells me she doesn't believe it. I can't wait to show her I'm right. She saw him the day before he was treated for me, and he was obviously looking for reasons to be angry at me. She is changing his meds because of it. And pushing for us to get counseling. I agree that would be helpful, I'm just not sure it's necessary. I see a big difference in his attitude toward me. The resistance is gone. And he actually obeys me willingly sometimes!! I have found a Chiropractor in Ann Arbor who may come with me to train for NAET®. But I still hope to get an MD from my town. Keep sending that good energy my way!! Thanks for all your help."

- Faye Esch

"I have never felt better in my whole life. The nagging backache is gone after only one treatment."

-W. Brazeh

"After my treatment for chocolate I tried one chocolate-covered cherry. When that one did not give me the usual headache, I ate a whole box without a hint of the old problems."

-Margareta Mann

"I have been tormented by migraines since I was a teenager. Once we located the allergens and cleared them out of my system, I have not had one since."

-Karen Walter

"Finally I have gotten through spring without going into the hospital for allergic asthma."

-Meg M.

"I was allergic to cotton, the kind that is in men's socks. No wonder my feet and legs ached all the time."

-Chris K.

"I never thought that it was possible that I could live in the real world, eat everything I wanted and still function. I've been freed from allergies at last!"

-David K.

The human body can be compared to an equilateral triangle. Each side of the triangle directly influences the other two sides. Health is present when the physical, physiological and psychological aspects are harmoniously balanced.

This balance can be yours now through NAET®.