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Relief can be as close as an NAETĀ® Practitioner near you. Thousands of medical practitioners have received training to administer NAET. Practitioners are listed in the following three categories:

  • Certified practitioners of NAET are proven, through presentation of yearly before/after picture or lab results, and trained in acupressure as well as NAET. In addition, they have maintained current classes and education through NAET.
  • Associates of NAET are trained in acupressure and NAET, however have not maintained yearly before/after lab or picture results. They have maintained current classes and education as well.
  • NAR Foundation members may or may not be trained in acupressure, but have undertaken training in NAET. They have not presented yearly before/after lab or picture results. They may or may not have maintained current classes and education.

Classes taken for advanced topics are listed by attendance date under the name of the practitioner.

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Practitioners who have attended NAET Classes in the past but are not currently active or visible on our site, are NOT qualified to treat patients with NAET methods. If you want to get treated by such individuals, do so at your own risk. Please do not contact our office with complaints about these people or situations.